French Fold Brochure

Quick Guide to Using This 4 Panel Brochure Fold

A French fold brochure is done by folding a page in half horizontally and then folding the folded page in half again vertically. The final folded brochure has 4 sections with equal dimensions, depending on the size of your chosen flat sheet. It should consist of 8 printable pages-4 interior panels and 4 exterior. This type of folding style is use for greeting cards, wedding invitations or print materials that include maps. They are also ideal for mailing single-page advertisement brochures.

Brochures are versatile prints that can be transformed into many kinds of folds. French fold brochure veers away from the usual narrow panels and presents your design in a unique way. You can play with colors and design to maximize this kind of fold for your next marketing campaign.

This fold is advisable for paper materials but not for card stocks which can cause cracking on the folds. Look for a printing company that offers a wide selection of durable paper, brochure sizes and coating.

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