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Stickers are becoming popular promotional tools for both start-up and seasoned companies. But because of its challenging limitations, it is crucial for you to create a design that can impress your target market. It may seem scary and confusing at first so we will give you these custom sticker designing tips that might help you.

Go Minimalist. Minimalist is great for both beginners and expert. It has been a trend ever since. This type of design gives off a sense of cleanliness and elegance. You don't want to overwhelm your target market with unnecessary details that might confuse them or put them off. Consumers appreciate simple and easy to digest materials.

Go for Typography that Suits your Brand. Be careful on using super fancy layout. This might scare of your target market. Try to find a font that best describes what kind of company you are. If you are having a hard time choosing one, you should consult your friends, family and even a professional designer.

Use Online Resources. You can download templates, fonts, and graphics over the internet. Sites like dafont and FontSquirrel lets you download fonts for free. The Noun Project and iconmonstr are useful resources in getting some minimalist icons for your stickers. Finally, we at PrintRunner provides you with free templates to use as a guide in your projects.

Design with logic and aesthetics. Do not overcrowd your stickers of images or texts. Utilize the negative space to let your readers' eyes rest. Make sure bullet points are aligned if you are creating lists. If your sticker design includes presentation of data, avoid 3D charts and other unnecessary design elements that could clutter your work.

Aim high but do not Expect Success on the First Try. There is no sure success in any marketing venture. You would not always be able to capture your audience. But you shouldn't stop at failure. Research more on your target market. Ask what kind of designs that they would find appealing. Check your content and see if you are providing your audience with relevant information. Just try, try and try until you find that sweet spot of success.

These tips will surely help you on your custom sticker designing. If you are interested for more online printing tips check out PrintRunner's Learning Center.

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