Get Attention 24/7 With Car Door Magnets

Car Door Magnets PrintingThe power of availability and easy access has always been a central theme in getting your vital message out to potential clients. Statistics show that an ad must be seen 7 times before it even registers in the mind of a prospect. Then it must be seen another 7 times to induce any response. How can you afford this level of ad frequency in this day and age?

How about using eye-catching car door magnets with vibrant colors and stand out design.

Car Door Magnets

Your car becomes a mobile billboard blasting your message to potential clients everywhere you go. It continues to work as your car is parked. It continues to work while it sits in your driveway. It is on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is no better cost benefit type of advertising available to your business.

One great thing about car door magnet advertising is the ease of updating your message. All ads get fatigued over time and new messages and designs must be used. With the door magnet, all you do is peel it off and replace it with the next brilliant messaging. has a wide selection of car door magnet templates available so why not take a look and see what you like. Full free color printing is no extra charge as well. Make your car or truck you own personal billboard and attract new clients today.

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