Advanced Marketing Strategies for Different Business Industries

Carving a recognizable identity for your business allows you to make much more impact to their target audience. This is the reason why lots of advanced marketing strategies and ideas revolve around developing the business brand first before jumping into specific ways of putting your business out there in the market.

No matter how important your corporate identity is, however, knowing the most appropriate channels to conduct your marketing efforts will push your identity into full effect. Integrating this would not only help you broaden your audience reach, but also convert those people into regular customers of your store, if not lifelong advocates of your brand.

Below are posts published on the PrintRunner Blog that tackle the different business industries and the best ways on how to make a lasting impression in the minds of people. Also, this page is regularly updated, so check out the posting schedule below so you’ll know when to tune in to this page in the future.

Dentist Marketing at PrintRunner.com5 Pain-Free Dental Marketing Ideas – Make people aware of your dental clinic by holding an aggressive print marketing campaign involving direct mail and information dissemination using postcards and brochures. Read this post to also learn the type of holidays that you should take advantage of to attract more customers and increase your profit.
Photography MarketingPicture-Perfect Ideas for Photography Marketing – Photographers rely on their sample works and connections within people in the industry to further their business. This post will specifically identify how you can create your portfolio to show off to prospective clients using online (photo-hosting sites) and offline (catalogs and CDs) tools, as well as the kinds of photography events you must attend for networking purposes.
Real Estate Marketing - IntroRefining Your Real Estate Marketing Using Print Media – Selling a piece of property is no easy task – it requires a lot of verbal skill and guts on your part to talk your way from turning an interested buyer to an excited land owner. Of course, marketing tools such as business cards and yard sign, among others, should only help your cause in forming ties with potential clients.
Video Marketing6 Business Video Marketing Tips to Stardom – Motivational speakers and life coaches know that the success of their video marketing boils down to content quality and how their personality shines through their podcasts, which are discussed in this post. If your business requires you to make videos, also read how pressing your videos on DVDs can give you an extra push in your advanced marketing strategies.
Pet Grooming Marketing4 Neat Print Materials to Use for Pet Grooming Marketing – This post focuses on three aspects regarding pet grooming marketing: networking using business cards, highly targeted promotions through direct mail using postcards and booklets, and pushing for brand awareness with your pet grooming products using labels.
Bookstore Marketing - Bookstore in Florence, Italy4 Insightful Ideas for Your Bookstore Marketing – The growth in popularity of e-books should not discourage you from pushing for the survival of your bookstore. There are still a lot more you could do in terms of promoting your store to people who have missed out on the experience of reading from a leather-bound book. It is about engaging them by holding book club meetings and interacting through social media.

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