4 Effective Print Products to Ace Your Back to School Marketing Campaigns

With Back to School marketing season in full swing, it’s best to discuss how you as a small business owner can take advantage of our discounted products to maximize your Back to School marketing campaigns.

A common marketing campaign held during this season is slashing off prices on select products or services, which is a way to clear old items from your inventory and gain traction to your rarely-purchased products or services. However, to get people to know more about your upcoming sale, roll out marketing tools in the form of print products and distribute them to your customers and potential buyers at your stores and places with high foot traffic.

Ultimately, these print products, when used alongside your back to school marketing campaigns, should put your name out in the market and increase your visibility to consumers.

Below are products that you can use for promoting the back to school marketing campaigns of your small business.

Hang Tags

Best for: Clothing and apparel

How to use: The start of a new school year would mean that students would also have to refurbish their wardrobe with new clothes. It is known that holding back to school marketing campaigns for your apparel encourages people to visit your shop and hopefully purchase from your selections. However, labeling them with updated tags acknowledges your ongoing sale and maintains a consistent effort in branding your products accordingly.

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Best for: Delivery and home services, dental industry, events

How to use: People enjoy the convenience of referring to their contact details at a single location, similar to compiling their business cards on a rolodex. The phone numbers of delivery and home services are usually written on a piece of paper pinned on the ref door or any metal surface using a magnet.

Therefore, delivery and home services must use magnets as marketing tools by printing out their own design and contact details along with other information customers need to know. To give more reason for people to stick your magnets on their ref doors, you can also include additional information appropriate to your respective businesses – food delivery services should indicate reheating instructions and best way to consume their dishes while home services can discuss tips on how to maintain homes in tip-top shape.

Dentists and event coordinators can print out save-the-date cards so their customers can place the magnets on the ref door, which will serve as their point of reference if they wish to know the date of their back to school event or dental appointment.

Catalogs and Booklets

Best for: Direct selling, hotel and restaurant

How to use: Direct sellers can prepare releasing new products to be promoted on their latest catalogs before the school starts.

Restaurant owners can release a booklet set of healthful dishes from their menu that includes the nutritional facts of each and reasons why people must consume these dishes. Also, you can suggest on the booklets easy-to-prepare food for breakfast that will provide the necessary nutrients for children before going to class.

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Best for: Travel

How to use: Since there will be a drop in your travel sales once the school year kicks in, you can still do customer retention and encourage other people to travel by holding package tours with the help of your brochures. Create an attractive brochure cover design and persuasive copy to compel people to get a copy of your brochures. Inside the brochure, include the complete breakdown of prices, images of the locations, and tips on the best places to eat and visit on your destination.

To make things better for your customers, include the coupon code on the brochure that they can use to avail of additional discounts or giveaways you may have in store.

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