How to Effectively Launch Back-to-School Promotions

back-to-school print marketing ideasback-to-school print marketing ideas

Launching back-to-school promotions can be great for business. Parents love a good deal and will go out of their way to get their hands on all the best ones. And with the right promotional materials, your establishment could be the last pit stop on the way to a new school year.

Having the right promotion is one thing, getting people to take notice is another. You need the right tools to get the word out. Arm yourself with the right print products and outgun your competition this coming back-to-school season.

Ideas for Back-to-School Promotions

Large Format Products

Back-to-school promotion will undoubtedly fill shops with large format posters, window clings, and banners. They are staples of the season and for good reason. Nothing spreads the word faster than large format printing. It’s bold and it does the job with minimal effort on your part. If you have a physical store that customers can visit, having at least an x-stand banner or a retractable banner is ideal.


Catalogs were made for back-to-school season. Trying to sell a number of different school products can be a chore. But selling them through catalogs—as individual items or bundled together—could just be the right strategy for you.


Some entrepreneurs are in the business of selling experiences — activities and events the whole family can enjoy before summer comes to a close. And with similar businesses fighting for the attention of the same group, competition can be tough. One way of separating yourself from the pack is by printing your own brochures. Tell people what makes your business the right choice. A trifold brochure should be enough to showcase everything you have to offer.

Restaurant Marketing Tools

Of course, early August is the ideal time to eat out with the whole family. If you’re in the restaurant business, it’s time to update your menus, table tents, counter cards, and take out menus to include back-to-school specials.

Direct Mail

You may not have heard about direct mail before, it’s entirely possible that you received them in the mail at some point. These are advertisements (postcards, brochures) sent from one business to your home. The reason why direct mail works is because you get to specify which people or communities to target. Your back-to-school promotions will only be read by people who’d be interested in what you’re selling.

In this case, you can create a mailing list and send them to members of the community who you think would benefit from your back-to-school promotion.

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