Cutting Costs? 3 Reasons You Should Never Skimp on Catalog Printing

In these tough economic times, the name of the game is cutting costs – and you could be looking to save money in every way possible, simply to keep your business afloat. Yet there is one area in which you should never skimp: Full color catalog printing.

Sure, catalog printing can be somewhat costly, but it’s an investment in the future of your company. It’s an investment worth making, no matter how tight your budget may be. There are many ways to cut corners when it comes to catalog printing, from choosing black and white over color to selecting cheaper papers and inks to attempting to do the job yourself at home or in the office, but there are compelling arguments as to why these methods should be avoided at all costs.

Here are three reasons why you should never skimp on catalog printing:

  1. It makes your business look cheap and unprofessional. Think of it this way: Your marketing materials – especially something as substantial as a print catalog – act as extensions of your company. Essentially, people will formulate their opinions of your business based on the quality and execution of the marketing materials they receive from you. If your catalog is well-designed, professionally printed and easy to use, they will assume that your company is easy to work with, detail-oriented and otherwise admirable. However, if they receive a catalog that lacks color pictures, is printed on cheap paper and has ink that smears or smudges, they will conclude that your business is just as cheap and unappealing as the catalog itself.
  2. It could seriously affect your sales – in a negative way. In many ways, it is better to send out no catalog at all than it is to send one that isn’t up to your standards of excellence! Why? Because your recipients are likely to judge your business based on its catalog, and if the catalog is not up to snuff, you can bet that they won’t be placing many orders. A poorly designed or cheaply printed catalog won’t win you any new customers, and it may even put off loyal patrons who could conclude that your standards have declined.
  3. Full color catalog printing can be so affordable that there’s absolutely no reason to skimp! This is perhaps the best reason for refraining from such drastic cost-cutting measures: Since catalog printing can be accomplished for very little money, why cut corners at all? Try looking online for a reputable printing company that can deliver a high quality catalog with a fast turnaround time.

Remember, your catalog is a “virtual store” for customers to browse through and order from – so don’t send out anything that doesn’t meet your usual high standards.