Did You Know: Print Grows Trees

Print Grows TreesDid you know print grows trees? It may sound like a counter-productive concept at first, but the Print Grows Trees program, associated with The Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic (PGAMA) and the Printing Industries of America (PIA), aims to teach just that.

The idea behind Print Grows Trees reasons that paper printing provides an incentive for farms and landowners to grow more trees. The forests represent their livelihood, and if not used to grow trees, the land is put to other uses. Essentially, paper printing provides a monetary incentive to continue growing trees.

Eco-conscious marketers may favor online marketing, but Print Grows Trees points out that lowering demand for paper encourages landowners to harvest trees and then sell that land for profit rather than grow more trees. This leads to the cleared area being used for other purposes that don’t replenish the forest.

While it certainly can’t be argued that digitizing documents and messages hasn’t made the world a more efficient place, it’s noteworthy that many consumers still connect deeply with print materials, including marketing catalogs, brochures, mailers, and other pieces.

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