The Most Epic Print Marketing Posts for Small Businesses

Marketing your business has gotten much more difficult these days. People are becoming more aware of  social media, e-mail marketing, SEO, and such –  practices that let them promote their products and services and establish their brand identity with efficiency.

However, the more people apply these strategies to their marketing plan, the more these practices become less effective.  While it has produced some of the most successful small businesses, such tactics have also diluted the market with the same tactics that prevent business from completely standing out.

Make an impression to your audience through print marketing

While we at PrintRunner encourage you to pursue your marketing strategies to the fullest using the finest practices available, we would also push each and everyone of you to mix up your campaigns using print media. These should supplement your online marketing with tools that you can hand out and give to your potential customers for that personal touch.

The PrintRunner Blog has been whipping up posts to supply your small businesses with marketing advice on how you can use the different print materials we have available at our site. Please bookmark this page and check below for upcoming dates (in Pacific Standard Time) when our posts about the other print products will be published.

Sticker PrintingSticker Marketing 101 Whereas most print materials are either handed out or mailed to your target audience, stickers offers an alternative route on how you can increase your audience reach. This post covers the best practices sticker marketing to be implemented on your business, including how to properly print and promote them.
Poster Printing at PrintRunner.comMarketing Posters – Six Effective StepsPosters rely on size to get their marketing message across to your potential customers or brand advocates. That said, there are ways on how you can maximize the capabilities of this large print format for the benefit of your business. Read this post to discover thing things you need to do when doing poster marketing.
Postcard PrintingBest Business Practices for Postcard Marketing – Normally used for direct mail marketing, postcards have numerous uses for your different marketing strategies, as this post would detail. Topics include turning your photographs into postcards and holding a campaign that turn your postcards into collectibles.
Brochures Printing at PrintRunner3 Unbeatable Business Brochure Marketing Tactics – Brochures are one of the most popular print products used for marketing purposes. This post should serve as your guide if you have yet to hold a campaign with the help of these multi-folded tools. Also discusses how brochure marketing  involves a funnel process.
Envelope Printing at PrintRunner.comInvaluable Tips for Attention-Grabbing Envelope Marketing – Despite what people make out of envelopes, these can serve more than just hold your letter. This post discusses how to design compelling envelopes that are either mailed out or handed to the recipient, since the former has to deal with following the USPS format.
DVD Cover5 Case Cover Design Advice for DVD Marketing – For instructors who want to make money off teaching people how to do certain skills, DVDs should be your medium of choice. These are placed inside DVD case covers or sleeves, which should act as your marketing tool to attract your target marketing to purchase your product off the shelves.
Flyer Printing at PrintRunner.comBeginner’s Guide to Flyer Marketing – Whether distributing or mailing out to people, flyers can help bolster your marketing efforts. However, you need to learn what flyer to use to promote your business, promos, or event. This post discusses the different types of flyers, as well as how to design and hand them out to achieve their maximum effect.
Business Card Samples10 Commandments of Correct Business Card Marketing -Elevate the art of handing out business cards by first learning how to design an attractive and compelling card design that would encourage people to  hark its call to action. The post also discusses the most essential tips to present your business in the most professional light possible to your prospective clients and customers.
Bookmark printing at Printrunner.comBookmark Marketing Beyond the Book IndustryBookmarks can be more than mere print materials used to save the page on the book where you last left off. With the appropriate design that reflects your business, a compelling call to action, and the right avenues for marketing these – as discussed on this post – bookmarks can help make a good impression to your target audience.
Notepads4 Brand-Boosting Notepad Marketing Tips – Approach your print marketing differently using notepads. Get people to not only jot down their ideas on your notepads,  but also consistently remind them of your company brand. Read this post to also see how these marketing tools can have a compelling design that ties in with your corporate identity.
Letterhead5 Compelling Design Ideas for Effective Letterhead Marketing – As print materials sent out to your recipients, letterheads are not only meant to convey your message, but also provide consistent branding that reflects your company values that can help people remember your business much better. This post will help you develop the appearance of your letterheads to be in line with your corporate identity.

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