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When a graphic designer develops your marketing materials, they are accustomed to working within printer specifications and must review print files carefully to ensure perfect results. Most online printing companies now offer services that allow beginners to upload files and graphics to create their own professional print materials.

But print specifications can be confusing—things like bleed, resolution, trim size etc.—and even little mistakes can waste time and money when the finished product is not what you expected. now offers clients total peace of mind with their Free Print File Review, so you know everything will be right when your job goes to press.

The Free Print File Review checks files for:

  • Accurate Bleed, Safety and Trim Areas
  • Proper print resolution of images
  • Acceptable File Format
  • Suitable Color Mode (CMYK over RGB)
  • Folding accuracy experts will perform the free print file check for every job, and let you know immediately if something isn’t right. They will offer an explanation of the problem, and help you make the necessary corrections. Once your files are approved and ready, you can confirm the order.

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PrintRunner offers online printing service based in Van Nuys, California. They specialize in supplying discerning clients with superior print stickers, business cards, posters, postcards, and other products at affordable rates. Get a FREE copy of their sample kit now and see for yourself.

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