How to Crack Conversion-Friendly Landing Pages

One of the more important ways on how website owners can maximize their online-earning potential is to optimize their landing pages. In this post, Laurice Grice breaks down the different methods on how you can get more visitors to convert into customers through your landing page.

For a website to be a success nowadays, it not only needs to be SEO and conversion-friendly, but also mobile-friendly too. Google research revealed that a mobile-friendly website increases the likelihood of a potential customer staying on the site, by a massive 67%.

But how do we make a site conversion-friendly? There are many things which you need to take into account including the web design, but one of the biggest factors is the landing page.

A landing page is the page which a user arrives and lands on, after they have clicked on their search result. It is important to note that not all users necessarily land on the homepage first; they may need directing back to the homepage.

It’s not rocket science but it does require skill, and a well-structured and written landing page can boost traffic numbers. Turn clicks into clients with this expert guide.

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The headline is the first thing the reader sees so it needs to grab their attention and be engaging. Kissmetrics claim that “if you ask for too much too early, people will say no before you can persuade them to say yes. It’s like when someone asks for your phone number when they barely know your name.”

See our heading above? It is interesting, and it tells the reader what they can gain rather than pushing a sales pitch. Use bullet points to sell the service and entice the reader to read on with curiosity. Then you can go into the finer details.

Did you know that by using the word ‘get’ in a headline, it more than doubles your conversion rate? Here is a good example of a landing page that is conversion friendly:

How to Crack Conversion-Friendly Landing Pages

Here is an example of one of our landing pages; would it make you stop on the page?

Break the text up to make it flow

If you didn’t quite notice, that was our sub-heading that appears underneath the main headline. Its sole purpose? If the reader gets to this, you have given them the main details but they are choosing to read on for more information. So well done!

Now you need a short, snappy sub-heading to break the text up and make it flow into the main message.

Use bullet points

Do you like reading chunks and chunks of text? We can’t hear you, but the chances are you probably said no.

No one likes reading long sentences and paragraphs; it may seem vain but it just doesn’t look nice or appealing.

Here is a great example of a landing page that has used bullet points and subheadings to the full:

Mediterranean Food Guide from Cheap Cruises

Make your landing pages approachable with shorter paragraphs and shorter line lengths.

“Short paragraphs get read, long paragraphs get skimmed, really long paragraphs get skipped.” – Jason Fried, July 9, 2012 [Tweet this]

By using shorter sentences and less text, you white space. Spread your content out across the page and when possible, use images. They really do speak a thousand words.

Take a long hard look in the mirror

Now you know how to crack conversion-friendly landing pages, have a look at your own website. Do your landing pages follow each rule I’ve mentioned above? If not, how could they improve?

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