How to Send Direct Mail and Save Money

A successful direct mail campaign will increase your transactions and branding, but it is by no means a cheap undertaking, especially sending out the mail to people on your mailing list. Luckily, there are ways for you to lower down the costs of your direct mail, making it a much more feasible option to try it on your marketing plan.

Before sending out the mail, however, you must know the postal charges you need to spend for your direct mail strategy. The U.S. Postal Service has provided its wide range of domestic delivery services to suit your needs, whether the print materials should be delivered the next day or a week from now. Take note that the prices on the page are subject to change, so be sure to double-check the prices before sending.

Among the different postal services offered, First Class Mail® is perfect for sending out small print materials such as invitations and postcards at lowered costs.

Bulk Mailing

You can save money from your postal fee if you exceed a certain number of print materials to be sent out. This is called bulk mailing and it is highly encouraged by mailing services, which explains the discounts they’re giving people that deliver more than 500 mails in a single order.

To avail of the discount, all you need to do is to register for the bulk mailing permit from your respective postal office. Once approved, you will receive a small discount from each of your mails (up to $0.03). Considering that you are sending at least 500 prints, you can save up at least $15US from your mailing budget.


People would forego the agony of arranging the mail they need to send out to and just let the postal service do the dirty work. However, by personally sorting out your mail via zip code before sending it off to the postal mail, you actually get savings from your fee by means of commercial postage prices.

In order to come up with a presorted mail, you will need a presort software. These can be downloaded online but make sure to get copy of a software that has the “PAVE certified” sign that ensures its validity.

Click here to see more information about presorting from USPS.

Aside from personally sending each and every mail to individuals on your mailing list, you can hire third-party clients to assist you with your presorting needs through presort bureaus and letter shops. At PrintRunner, not only can we print postcards, brochures, catalogs, and other marketing tools, but we also offer Mailing Services to help you send your tools over to people on your mailing list.

Why bother printing your direct mail at one store and sending them at another when you can do both with us? Click here to find out more about our affordable Mailing Services. Better yet, download our FREE E-Book entitled “Direct Mail Marketing Basics” here.

Ready to start your direct mail campaign? Check out PrintRunner’s Postcard Printing with Mailing Services for the pricing and other details.

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