Everything You Need to Know about Logo Design

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A logo represents everything about your brand and company, which is why you will need to sit down and think about a logo design that shows your identity and sets you apart from your competitors.

Designing a logo is not as simple as picking an image, color, and ad copy to attach to your business. There are many factors involved in conceptualizing, designing, and choosing the words to be used on your logo, all of which can take months to finish especially if you have no idea where to start.

Luckily for you, we have collected links to excellent posts below that cover the complicated process of making a well-conceived, clear, and effective logo design for your business.

Logo Design - Top 50 Brands40 Tips to Creating Better Logos

The practicality of the tips in this post is very easy to understand it’s almost impossible to miss them. This post encompasses design related issues up to legalities and marketing of logo designs.

Tips from the World’s Biggest Brands

Here is a reference of the common things shared by the most successful brands in the world. It also contains an analysis of the logo designs which will yield ideas of what you should and should not do in making a logo.

10 Logo Design Tips from Field

Logo design tips an experienced logo designer came up with while on the job. The tips and suggestions sound much like 10 commandments of logo design.

10 Tips for a Successful Logo Design

Practical and theoretical tips when making a logo design. What you should and should not do, Advantage of vector, and keeping your logo design open for change.

Logo Design - Logo Design ProcessVital Tips for Effective Logo Design

Things you have to know about logos and how to make an effective design. The post also showcases the definition of a logo and its importance, the process of designing the logo and the principles of an effective logo design.

Love of Logo: Tips, Resources, and More

This post is all about the basics of logos in general, history of logos – how it came to be, and how to market the logo you designed.

Make sure you’re satisfied with your logo design before you go for label and sticker printing, among other marketing tools. All your marketing collateral will carry your logo, from large format prints to business cards.

For additional references and information, or you just have an insight to share, feel free to tell us by writing your comment below.

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  1. Hi Elmor, from someone currently in the process of designing a new logo, this is a really useful resource – Thanks a lot for putting it together and sharing over at Bizsugar.

    • You're welcome! For more marketing and design tips and reference roundups, please feel free to browse around and stay tuned for our next posts.

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