Effective and Nurturing Day Care Marketing Strategies

Children won’t come in droves to a day care center if it has yet to develop a sound day care marketing strategy. In business, it’s all about producing results, regardless of available resources at your disposal. The success of a day care center is predicated by a carefully devised plan of maximizing capital to increase customers and profit.

As a day care business owner, you need to observe cost-effective and efficient marketing practices to get the word out about your day care center to your target audience. Below are some tips and suggestions on how you can achieve your goals.

Research the market

Taking time to check out the different day care centers can give you a broader sense of what you need to do to make your business stand out.

You could start small by running a SWOT analysis on the competitors within your area. Learn of their pricing, services offered, unique selling points, and what makes them successful. From here, build a marketing strategy based off their weaknesses and created opportunity for yourself.

Refer to other day care centers in the world and see how they operate at a different context. You may learn things there that haven’t been done locally.

Promote for the parents

Although the children are your clientele, the parents decide which day care center their child should stay.  Below are things that parents look for when choosing a day care center according to Childcare: A review of what parents want:

  • Flexible alternatives to rigid childcare services
  • Better access to childcare information
  • Improved childcare for the disabled
  • Well qualified, trained or experienced staff
  • Warm and caring atmosphere
  • Cost
  • Quality of buildings
  • Health and safety

Another report titled “What Do Parents Think About Child Care? Findings From A Series Of Focus Groups?” from the Child Care Aware of America considers caregiver-child interaction as one of the criteria when choose a daycare.

Tie up with adjacent businesses

Since you’ll be including toys, books, and playthings as tools for your day care business, you may want to contact retailers to help you supply materials for the kids. Ask if they offer package and advertising deals to offset the costs of their products.  If not, you can propose your own terms – purchase their toys and books at discounted prices and promote their companies on your day care, social media, or website. Another way to do this is request for donations from libraries or toy stores for secondhand tools.

Let these ideas inspire you to come up with you own ways of forming ties with adjacent businesses to help soften the financial blow of the costs of goods for your day care center.

Use print marketing tools

Hummingbird Early Childhood care and Education Centre

(By Fortune Cookie via Behance)

Business cards let you personally reach out to business owners during conferences or meetings. Keep the size traditional (3.5” x 2”) and print out the important information about you. Limit your contact details to prevent people from getting confused on how to reach you. (Telephone number, physical address, and e-mail should suffice). Leave blank spaces on the card to achieve a simple, yet striking look. Learn how to do proper business card marketing by clicking here.

Day care brochures give parents access to information about your services and amenities. The unique folds help present your marketing message in a creative way, while the multiple panels gives you more space to describe your day care business. You can even include statistics and studies that paint child care centers in a positive light to help boost leads to your business. Click here to see how marketing brochures the right way is done.

Hand out flyers about your day care business at select locations, particularly places where families frequently visit. Observe the best practices of great copywriting and flyer design to increase the chances of people getting a copy of your flyer. Learn more flyer marketing ideas to implement on your day care flyers here.

If you are interested in incorporating any of the promotional tools above for your day care marketing strategies, visit PrintRunner by clicking here for more information about each product.

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