Why You Should Use Images in Your Business Card Design

When searching around for business card design inspiration, it can seem like there’s an abundance of image-heavy or logo-laden ideas out there. Some are beautiful, eye-catching, and memorable. Others may seem overwhelming, over-eager, or even passé. You might find yourself yearning for a business card design that takes you back to basics.

Business cards have become more than a practical contact device; they’re now an expression of you as a professional and the company you associate with. But does your business card need lots of design flourishes to stand out? Not necessarily.

Business Card Design Tips

Take a minute to think about your identity as a professional, and the identity of your brand or company. What do you want to project to clients? Are you about fun and creativity? Or heritage and trust? All of the above? None of the above? The answers to these questions will provide you with a better sense of direction when deciding on a look and feel for your business cards.

If you’re turned off by graphics-heavy business card designs, taking a bare bones approach may be exactly the right path to take toward choosing the design that’s right for you.

Don’t forget that going the “simple route” can send a very positive message to those who receive your card. Elegant and understated, plain white or solid color cards with little or no graphic elements or photo artwork can show clients that you’re straightforward and practical. And your choice of size, shape, and paper type can speak subtle volumes about your attention to detail. A simplified approach can even exemplify high level creativity.

“Simple” can be refreshing to your clients, who are likely inundated with business cards, some of which seem to be trying too hard. Try a new font on plain white, matte paper. It may sound blah, but it becomes uniquely elegant when you select a more unusual size for your card, such as the 2” x 3.5” die cut “leaf” shape. Give your business card design some careful thought and consideration, and you might find that less is more.

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