How to Use Letterheads For Business Correspondence

Email may be our primary form of business correspondence today, but when something really important has to be put in writing, chances are pretty good that a hard copy will also show up, from either the U.S. Postal Service or a specialized expediter like FedEx. The type of correspondence or documentation that gets sent that way is almost always printed on formal business stationery, also called letterheads.

Why? The look and feel of business stationery has the power to make a subtle but substantial impact on the person at the receiving end. It says “look at me, I’m serious,” but it isn’t just for attorneys and stock brokers. When you use letterhead you’re letting people know your company is established, professional, and worth “listening to,” no matter what business you’re in.

Think about the Whole “Package”

Your letterhead, envelopes and business cards, even your shipping labels, are all marketing opportunities. They need to be designed to reflect the image you want to project for your company.

Design is a sum of many parts – the proper positioning of your logo, the use of color (or not), the choice of typeface, and the kind of paper you use are all considered design elements. Many online printing companies offer high-quality, low-cost full color or black and white letterhead printing services, and some also offer design. is a turnkey printing company that can help you make sure the impression you’re making on paper is the right one.


Running low on your existing letterheads? One of the features of is a very user-friendly self-help center, or you can work with one of their easy-to-reach and very knowledgeable customer service representatives. They also offer a wide range of turnaround and shipping options to make sure your order arrives when you need it.


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