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DVD/BluRay Covers Printing

Do your print covers look boring and outdated? Give them a fresh makeover through our Bluray cover printing. For business owners, improving your covers are a worthy investment since they act as teasers to your viewers and clients. Let people have a glance of the amazing content the DVD has through an intriguing cover. We at Printrunner can help you achieve that.

You can do so many things to make your marketing tools interesting. Play with design by adding a splash of colors and appropriate typography. Aside from this, it is also essential that the way they are printed are done meticulously to make sure that there are no undesirable errors on the prints.

Printrunner uses 100% high-quality materials that would make effective marketing tools. With our 100 lb gloss paper material and gloss aqueous coating, you’re sure to achieve print DVD-bluray covers that are long-lasting and professional-looking. Our color printing services also allows you to produce a spectrum of colors. With this in mind, you have nothing to worry about color restraints since the possibilities are endless.

If you want CD and DVD discs that stand out, go for Printrunner’s covers printing. All you have to do is wait and leave the dirty job to us. For as fast as 3 days, you can get your prints ready to be shipped. How awesome is that?

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  • Size DVD-BluRay Covers
  • Finish Size 10.5" x 5.875"
  • Quantity
  • Paper 100# Gloss Book
  • Colors 4/0 - Color Front, No Back
  • Coating Gloss Aqueous
  • Ready to Ship In
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