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Sticky Back Posters

Sticky Back Posters
  • Premium Fabric Adhesive Material
  • Photo Quality, Large Format Printing
  • Available in Standard or Custom Size
Spin Loader

Large Format Poster in Premium Fabric Adhesive Materials

Large format decals make great wall decoration or different type of print advertisement.  Put colorful graphic on walls of your room, a new rental, your office, or on a boat with these large stickers.  Use it for advertising by sticking your ads not just on walls but also on floors and ceilings.

These large format stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove.  There are some situations that a simple hang-on poster won't do the job and a more permanent material like sticky back poster is needed.  

PrintRunner uses photo quality, large format adhesive fabric for your sticker posters.  Choose from five standard sizes or order a custom size by using our  calculator.  Prints are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

We have downladable templates you can use as guide in designing.  We also provide free file check when you upload your design.  We'll let you know if your design is print-ready before we print. 

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