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  • Paper 70# Offset
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Customized Notepads for Better Branding

Using notepads as a marketing tool is a classic approach to branding.  It increases brand visibility on a simple piece of paper used by your clients. People easily recognize names that they often hear or see. That is why custom notepads are effective in exposing your business or company name. 

Notepads are an inexpensive way getting your brand our there.  You can give them away to customers as freebies.  You may use them internally in the office.  Any way you prefer, the notepad is a moving advertisement in a functional item. You can also explore different types of creative notepads. There are die cut, adhesive, multi-colored, magnetic and eco-friendly notepads. All these can help make your business look professional and competent.

PrintRunner prints custom notepads for your business.  Get fifty sheets of paper on every pad with a thick cardboard backing.   We use 70lb. offset paper so you will be writing on something classy.  Choose from the more common 4 inches by 6 inches pad or the wider and longer 5.5 inches by 8 inches pad.  

We have templates that you can download and use as guide when designing your notepad.  After finishing your layout, upload it on the site and we'll proof it for free to check if it's print ready.

Your notepad order is ready to ship in 4 business days.

Questions? Call 1-888-296-5760