Tell ‘Em What’s Cooking Through Menu Printing

Menu printing improves your customers’ dine-in or take-out experience. With menus, guests can decide what to eat and get their orders in as quickly as possible.

When you make your own menu, you have control over the menu design. This is important because you get to present your restaurant as you see fit. It can be as formal or as casual as you need it to be. You can add photos of items to really want to sell. Customers respond well to vivid and realistic food images. Just remember to stop when your menu starts to feel overcrowded.

Not one restaurateur would be caught without a dine-in menu at his establishment. Not having a food menu would leave their servers describing each dish from memory. A good restaurant menu also gives you the opportunity to upsell less-popular food items.

Take-out menus let customers decide what to have at their own pace before ordering at home. Pricing information allows them to stay within budget. People tend to keep take-out menus on hand, so they are worth your investment.

Pocket menus have all the benefits of take-out menus. However, they are more portable since they can be folded down to 4” x 2.5”. That way, you make a menu that’s handy enough for people to carry around in their pocket or bag.