Tell ‘Em What’s Cooking Through Menu Printing

Improve the customer experience with menu printing. Dine-in and take-out menus are essential in the food and beverage industry. Whether you deliver or serve in-house, a good menu allows you to promote specials and upsell less popular items. Menu printing also helps servers with describing dishes from memory. Customers can decide what to eat and get their orders in as quickly as possible.

From dine-in to deliveries, PrintRunner lets you create the perfect menu to suit your business. Use your own menu design or create a fresh one using our online design tool. Present your restaurant in the best way with our menu printing materials. Print in full-color and amplify your menu’s look and feel with gloss, matte, and high-gloss UV coating. They can be as formal or as casual as you need them to be.

Free shipping is on us for qualified orders! We also offer next business day printing turnaround for take-out menus. Order today and get them printed and ready for shipping in just 24 hours.

For Here or To Go?

The restaurant industry is always changing. Aside from kitchen techniques and trends in cuisine, customer attitudes and dining habits are also evolvingThe rise of on-the-go and tech-savvy consumers have restaurants introducing new ways to provide curbside pick-up, take-out, and delivery services. 

Stay on top of mind with menu printing. We offer three (3) types of menus for you to choose from: 

Dine-in menus help create a good impression by elevating your store’s branding. Add photos of specific items you want to sell. Customers respond well to vivid and realistic food images. We offer sizes 8.5” x 11 and 11” x 17” in half-fold, tri-fold, or z-fold. Print on premium 100 lb. glossy paper, 10 pt. glossy cardstock, or our thickest 14 pt. cardstock. Protect your menus by adding waterproof 3 mil lamination. 

Take-out menus help your customers decide what to have at their own pace before ordering from home. Pricing information allows them to stay within budget. Print eye-catching menus that are hard to ignore using our premium materials. Choose from 70 lb. uncoated paper, 80 lb. glossy paper, 100 lb. matte and glossy paper, and 10 pt. matte and glossy cardstock.  

Pocket menus have all the benefits of take-out menus. However, they are more portable since they can be folded down to 4” x 2.5”That way, you make a menu that’s handy enough to carry aroundWe print pocket menus on matte or glossy 100 lb. paper. Pocket menus and take-out menus are great for encouraging repeat orders. Include with your deliveries so customers can stick them on the refrigerator for easy access. 

Get your restaurant menus professionally made with PrintRunner. If you don’t have a design yet, simply create your own with our quick and easy online design tool. Get an instant quote using our order calculator. Just select your preferred size, quantity, and material and you’ll see the estimated cost of your order at the bottom of the calculator. 

In a rush? Our take-out menus are printed in just one (1) business day. Complete your order before 5 p.m. PT from Monday to Friday, and we’ll have it ready for shipping by 6 p.m. PT the next business day.


How much does it cost to make a menu? 
The size, quantity, and material you choose will determine the cost of your menu order. Ordering 500 pieces of 5.5” x 8.5” trifold take-out menus printed on 80 lb. glossy paper costs $40.97 or 41¢ each. Ordering the same type and quantity but on 10 pt. glossy cardstock costs $57.58 or 58¢ each. 

What kind of paper are menus printed on? 
There are different kinds of menu paper to choose from, it all depends on their usage and your preferred style. Our most popular paper stock is 100 lb. paper, especially for take-out and pocket menus. It’s like premium magazine paper in terms of texture and feel. It’s durable but still foldable and lightweight. For dine-in menus, the most popular option is 14 pt. cardstock because of its thickness and resistance to multiple handling.  

How should I design a menu? 
Here are some quick tips to help you design effective restaurant menus:  

  1. Include pictures of your best productsUse images sparingly. When you do, be sure to highlight your bestsellers and items that you want to push. 
  2. Organize your offerings by category. This makes it easy for customers to find items in groups. Consider using separators like boxes to draw the eye to specific categories with the highest profit margins. You can also use our folding options to create menu sections.  
  3. Keep the currency lowkey. Notice how most restaurant menus don’t show dollar signs or keep them in smaller fonts? Focus your customer’s attention on how appetizing your meals look, not on how much they’ll be spending. 
  4. Choose your colors wisely. Studies on color psychology have shown that bright colors like orange and red can stimulate appetite. If you have vegetarian options, highlight them using a complementary hue such as green. Use colors that complement each other and match your overall branding at the same time. 

What is the right size for a menu? 
The right menu size for you depends on how many items your restaurant has to offer. The most popular sizes in the industry that we offer are 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”. 

Are your menus water-resistant? 
Yes, if you want water-resistant menus we recommend our dine-in menus with 3 mil. lamination. This film provides protection yet thin and pliable enough for foldable menus. You can choose between vibrant gloss laminate or elegant matte.