Waterproof Labels for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Make your labels last longer with PrintRunner’s waterproof labels. These labels are excellent for products that are exposed to extremities such as oil, water, or even moisture. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use our labels for both commercial and personal. Examples of which are cosmetics, beverages, and many more.

We offer two kinds of waterproof labels: cut-to-size and roll labels. Cut-to-size labels are individually cut with scored liner for easy peeling. On the other hand roll labels are on standard 3” core that are available in different shapes. Both have complimentary file check before printing and free downloadable templates.

If you have more question and queries about waterproof labels, ask us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you! Call us at 1-888-774-6889 or chat with us by clicking the “Live Chat” button on the upper right of this page.