Candle Labels

Candle Label Printing

If you're a candle maker or seller, trading your goods can be a frustration. Candles generally look the same. So how can you make buyers pick yours over a dozen others? Increase your sales by branding your products with Custom Candle Labels. Use them to highlight your logo & product features. Make your products stand out with a well-designed label & compete with any number of candle sellers.

Aside from its primary purpose of lighting & heating rooms, the uses of candles have evolve through time. Nowadays, you can also use candles as party favors, home or restaurant decorations or as gifts. All these things have one thing in common. They need an attractive Candle Label to work best . Ordinary candles just wont generate the same impact when displayed in your homes or restaurants. Adding labels would also make your souvenirs & gifts more personal & well thought out.

Our candle tags can withstand harsh conditions and still look good. They are not fireproofed but can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose from a variety of materials and size options for your printing needs. We have custom cut-to-size rectangle & square labels, as well as circle & oval shaped roll labels. They are suitable for any candle type, shape or container.

Turnaround time is 3 business days for Cut-to-Size Labels & 6 business days for Roll Labels.

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