Packaging Sleeves for Any Type of Product

Make your products stand out from the shelves with packaging sleeves. If you’re looking for a simple but cost-effective solution to plain merchandise and regular in-store displays, packaging sleeve printing is the answer.

Packaging sleeves, also known as box sleeves and belly band packaging, are custom printed paper that wraps around your product. A much cheaper option than a custom box, packaging sleeves can brand your merchandise and still achieve that sleek, professional look. Whether it’s a bar of chocolate, a food container, or even a tray of eggs, any product will instantly look better. Packaging sleeves are versatile and work for any product shape or dimension, from bottled beverages to pastries and rolled t-shirts.

Improving your product's shelf appeal can even be the deciding factor in making a sale, so printing custom packaging sleeves to upgrade your product's appearance can have direct benefits to your bottom line.

Here are some ways you can use box sleeves for your business.

Seasonal offerings. Consider using them to call attention to a holiday package or limited-edition item. You can even use packaging sleeves to introduce a new line. Use these to differentiate your product from your competitors or to simply hold your packaging tightly in place.

Product variety. In the food industry, using box sleeves is an effective strategy especially when you want to show customers the product and its contents. Take a trip to your grocery and you’ll see sandwiches and wraps displayed, with sleeves in different colors indicating their flavors and ingredients.

Branding to-go. The next time someone orders take-out, you can use your regular container and simply wrap a nice packaging sleeve around it. This goes for any product. Continue the customer engagement by printing instructions for use or add your contact details and social media handles.

How to Customize Your Packaging Sleeves Using Our Product Calculator

Step 1. Set the dimensions.
Choose the width and height of your packaging sleeves. You need to make sure that the dimensions are correct and will fit your packaging. Our packaging sleeves come in several sizes ranging from 4” x 2” up to 26” x 12”.

Step 2. Choose the material.
You can choose between 100 lb. glossy paper or 100 lb. matte paper for your custom packaging sleeves. The gloss-coated paper has a reflective finish that can add more vibrance to the colors of your packaging sleeve design. If you want a premium look and feel, the matte-coated paper is what you need with its subdued and non-reflective finish. Both materials are writable for ballpoint pens with oil-based ink or permanent markers.

Step 3. Select the printed side.
Do you want your packaging sleeve to have a full-color print on the front and back or just the front side? The front and back print will cost a bit more, but it can help your packaging sleeve stand out.

Step 4. Pick a peel and seal option.
Your packaging sleeves may either come with a half-inch wide double-sided tape that can help hold the sleeve in place or nothing at all.

Step 5. Decide on quantity and turnaround time.
The minimum order quantity of our packaging sleeves is 250 pieces while the maximum that you can order using our product calculator is 10,000 pieces. Standard turnaround time is six (6) business days, which can be expedited to four (4) business days for an additional fee.

Step 6. Upload your artwork.
You can upload the design of your packaging sleeves on our website or continue with your order and just do it later. Either way, you have the option to request for a free PDF proof if you want to see the outcome of your packaging sleeves first before printing. Take note that you need to approve the PDF proof using your PrintRunner account. Otherwise, we won’t proceed with the printing until we get your approval.

Choose PrintRunner for All Your Packaging Needs

Here at PrintRunner, we offer affordable sleeve printing with a lot of customizable options. If you're wondering if the sleeve would fit your boxes, don't worry. You can choose from our popular 4" x 2" size up to 26", in increments of 0.25". We print on 100 lb. paper, the same quality and thickness as premium magazine paper, and you can add a protective matte or gloss coating. We also have a peel and seal option, which includes a .5"-wide, double-sided tape to connect and hold the sleeve in place.

Upload a ready-made design or customize your own using our free online design tool. Order as few as 250 pieces up to 10,000 and get free shipping for qualified orders. We can print packaging sleeves and have them ready for shipping in as fast as three (4) business days.

If you have questions or need assistance, call our customer service at 888-296-5760 or contact us through Live Chat.


How do I measure my packaging sleeves?
To accurately measure the length of your packaging sleeves, wrap a piece of paper around your product and mark where both ends of the paper meet. The paper needs to be big enough to slide easily over your product, yet small enough to stay in place.

How do I make my own box sleeves?
It’s easy to customize and order packaging sleeves on the PrintRunner website. Just follow these steps:

1. Using the order calculator, select your preferred product specifications like size, paper material, and quantity. Be sure to select your preferred printing turnaround time.

2. Click Upload My Artwork, then Continue.

3. Upload the image file from your computer then select your preferred proofing.

4. Click Continue to review your order and then follow the rest of the checkout process.

What’s the difference between glossy paper and matte paper?
Both finishes add some protection, but their printing effect varies. Your coating choice should depend on branding and design. Gloss adds a reflective shine and results in saturated colors. It’s more ideal to choose gloss for vibrant, eye-catching designs. Matte coating has a muted finish that does not reflect light. It is often used by brands that go for elegant, minimalist designs.

What does printing turnaround time mean? This refers to the time it takes for us to get your packaging sleeves printed and ready for pick up or shipping. 4-business-day printing means if you confirm your order by 5 p.m. PT on Monday, we’ll ship it out by 6 p.m. PT on Thursday. Printing turnaround only covers weekdays and does not include weekends, holidays, and shipping transit time.

How does the proofing process work?
Based on technical printing guidelines, our prepress team inspects your files after you submit your file review request. This service is completely free of charge. If there are no issues with your files, we will create a PDF proof and send you an email notification. If we find problems with your files that require your attention, we will contact you before sending your PDF proof.


100 lb. Glossy Paper

Full bodied paper coated with a reflective finish to show off vibrant colors.
5 pt. (0.005") thick and writable for ballpoint pens with oil-based ink or permanent markers.

100 lb. Matte Paper

Full bodied paper coated with a dull, non-reflective finish for an understated and higher-end look and feel. 5 pt. (0.005") thick and writable for ballpoint pens with oil-based ink or permanent markers.

Download Blank Print Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank template for your preferred design software. 

Final Dimensions
4" x 2"
4" x 2" Packaging Sleeve with Peel and Seal
9.25" x 2"
9.25" x 2" Packaging Sleeve with Peel and Seal
14" x 5"
14" x 5" Packaging Sleeve with Peel and Seal
20" x 5"
20" x 5" Packaging Sleeve with Peel and Seal
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“I needed this type of packaging for one of my cat toys and I am so happy with them. I had no idea what I was doing with design but with the help of a good friend and the wonderful team at PR we made it happen. The quality is fabulous. And my customers love them. Thank you so much!”
June 30, 2020 by Nmatt ( OR )
“I just started my own bakery and these packaging sleeves were the most easy and price efficeint items I could've purchased. I made them big enough to wrap around my biggest bakery box and then just use clear circle stickers to secure the smaller ones- so they are very versatile too! The company itself is incredible. I ordered my sleeves and customer service was on the phone with me at 8pm helping me print in time for my opening date deadline! Seriously- buy from this company! I am so thankful I did!”
December 19, 2019 by Asatre
“First time ordering packing sleeves and they were perfect!”
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“I had trouble figuring out the dimensions I needed for my product sleeves, and the customer service reps were really helpful, patient, and polite. Great team to work with- my labels are just right!”