Health and Beauty Labels

Secure Customer's Trust with Health and Beauty Label Printing

Make your cosmetic products & services stand out with premium Health and Beauty Labels! In this industry, a label is an important marketing tool to relay product information & safety issue. It provides relevant data like ingredients, benefits & warnings for healthy use of every product. They are the ones that consumers will seek when it's time for buying decisions.

Aesthetic & designs are also an important selling feature. Consumers seek beautification from your products & services. So the attractiveness of your package & labels are critical elements in defining the credibility of your brand. You can use labels for skin care product tags or cosmetic solution stickers.

Our Health and Beauty Labels have self-adhesive properties that make it easy to peel & stick to most surfaces. They are excellent for cream tubes, plastic containers or glass bottles. Our labels use durable & water-resistant paper stocks that can easily withstand oil spills.

We can assist you in designing & producing Cosmetic Labels that have the style and component that you desire. Our labels are available in Cut-to-Size or Roll forms. You can print for as few as 25 pieces to as many as 100,000 pieces per transaction.

Standard turnaround time is 3 business days for Cut-to-Size Labels & 6 business days for Roll Labels.

Contact us at 1-888-774-6889 for any questions or concerns.