Marketing Beyond Paper: Pens, Magnets and Notepads

As a small business owner, you know there are certain printed products that are necessary to the functionality of your company. Business cards, letterhead, newsletters and more are all part of encouraging and maintaining communication. And the more they are used, the more your company is advertised.

Ideally, you already have a strong image that you are using on all these products as part of your branding process. The more repetitive, the better when it comes to building a brand. If you are using these paper products effectively and you want to try out new ways to market your business, then you can start exploring beyond paper. Having promotional items produced in the form of custom magnets and notepads allows you to take your branding process to the next level.

Marketing Beyond Paper

When you decide to have promotional items printed, you open the door to two new ways to build your brand. First, you create products that can be given away to your customers. By printing your company logo on personalized pens, magnets and notepads, you create products that are useful to those who receive them. There are many ways to distribute these products, and it all depends on when you have them printed and why. If you want to have a general supply of promotional products on hand, you may just leave out pens at your storefront and encourage customers to take one after signing their receipts. You could tuck a notepad or a magnet into their bags after their purchase as a little thank you gift. These are subtle and universally appreciated ways to encourage people to use your products outside of your store and spread the company name. If you want to have these products made to distribute at a specific event, then you’ll want to include them as gifts for anyone that attends the event. Either way, the products that you personalize and create will find themselves scattered throughout the community as they are used, spreading your brand and hopefully encouraging new customers to check you out.×150.jpg

Second, you create products that are used by your employees in order to help build company morale. By giving your staff personalized notepads and pens to use, you create a sense of community within your company. If your employees take pride in where they work, it will translate into all the interactions they have about your company. This effect extends far beyond working hours. If people like where they work and communicate that to their family and friends, an image begins to build, and this image becomes part of your brand. A brand is so much more than the logo that represents a company. It is the feeling and the concept that is projected by the logo – and that can only be achieved through community perception. Paying attention to the details and making every one of them count will further your growth as a company, which is why custom notepads, pens and magnets can be an effective way to build a brand.

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