Event Tickets

  • Choose from glossy or uncoated paper
  • Sequential numbering for easy tracking
  • Optional perforation for tear off stubs

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Event Tickets for Promotions

Promote your events with professionally-printed tickets. Event tickets are used for advertising upcoming events like seminars, fairs and concerts. These are also used as invitations during special occasions. It is best to print out event tickets which can last until the end of an event in case you need reference for your guests' presence/proof of payment. Your attendees can make a souvenir out of your durable tickets for a memorable event.

Our event tickets comes with perforations and sequential numbering. We do perforations to allow easy separation of two sections of the material.You can keep a part of the perforated ticket for inventory or ticket number tracking while your attendees can keep the other half. Choose from glossy or uncoated paper.

You can contact PrintRunner.com at 1-888-296-5760 if you want affordable and high quality event ticket printing services. There are a lot of sizes and paper stocks to choose from.


10 pt. Glossy Cardstock

This is a lightweight cardstock that is durable and perfect for folding. It also has a glossy finish for vibrant color printing and better protection. Excellent for door hangers, brochures, calendar covers, etc.



A perforation is a small hole, usually in an organized fashion, where all of the holes are called a perforation. They allow easy separation of two sections, allowing the paper to be torn easily along the line.


Sequential numbering in black ink for high visibility, keeping track of the head count and financial reports

Without Perforation :                                            With Perforation :
Top Left          Top left numbering             Top Corners      Top corners numbering
Top Right       Top right numbering             Bottom Corners Bottom corners numbering   
Bottom Left   Bottom left numbering             Left Edge            Left edge with perforation numbering
Bottom RightBottom right numbering             Right Edge          Right edge with perforation numbering
Left Edge      Left edge numbering
Right Edge   Right edge numbering