Business Card Magnets

  • Thick cardstock with magnetic back
  • Features protective high gloss finish
  • High quality full color printing
  • Free File Check

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Best Prices
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Fast Turnaround
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Stand Out With Business Card Magnets To Promote Your Brand Or Print Event Materials

Want a unique business card to stand out from the conventional piece of paper you give out to customers?  Why don't you try handing out business card magnets instead?
These cool magnets may include your business or your name, store hours, and contact info.  Combined with a great design, and your customers will surely remember you.  Unlike ordinary business cards that often just get lost, these magnets are more often kept and put on the fridge where its easily seen.  Use a beautiful and unique design, and your magnetic business card even often be part of a collection.
PrintRunner takes care of your business card magnet needs.  Prints are available in different custom sizes and you may order quantities from 25 to 5000.
Upload your file now and we'll check if it's print-ready, for free.


17pt Magnet Stock

A thick, durable magnetized material and sticks to most metal surfaces.