Go Beyond the Ordinary With Custom Printing

Custom printing is easy with PrintRunner! You get to choose the exact size, material, and embellishments for all of your printing requirements. Whether you need a large banner for your restaurant’s grand reopening, a thousand flyers with scored coupons to hand out, or wall decals to decorate the interiors, you can count on us to deliver the exact printed product you envision.

We offer quick turnaround times for our custom printing services. In a rush? We also offer expedited shipping options for those times you need your prints ASAP.

How to Start With Custom Printing

Ready to dive into custom printing? Here are a couple of pointers to guide you in getting started.

Choose between offset printing and sign product.

To begin, you have to know what kind of print product you need. Think about why you need the display and how you plan to display the sign. Knowing your goal and purpose will make the custom printing process simpler.

Offset printing is the process of transferring an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket then to the printing surface. It is ideal for large bulk runs for brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, and business cards. Sign printing does not use pre-set plates so you can print as few or as many signs you need, with the exact measurements you require. This is normally used with large format displays such as banners, window clings, yard signs, plastic signs, flags, and magnets.

Size matters.

The correct sign size will depend on your intended use. Will the sign be displayed outdoors? Do you intend to capture the attention of passersby or motorists in traffic? A big vinyl banner will work wonders. Do you want your sign to inform potential customers about the change of store hours? A small window cling will do the trick.

Make the most of the materials.

We offer a wide range of high quality paper and cardstock to choose from.

Paper stocks for flyers and brochures come in different types for different budgets. 70 lb. paper is affordable and works best for bulk printing while heavier paper stock is more suitable for premium brands and exclusive events.

Cardstock is rigid and comes in different thicknesses. Thin 10 pt. stock is ideal for high quality rack cards. Our 14 pt. card material is the standard for business cards while the thickest 17 pt. stock provides an elegant, premium feel.

Self-adhesive paper is our most popular material for sticker singles. This material is for indoor use only. Comes with a matte, gloss, and high-gloss finish. The matte and gloss are writable with a ballpoint pen and a permanent ink marker.

For large format signs, here are the material options:

Photo Paper is perfect for large format poster printing. It produces vivid images with accurate color rendition. A semi-gloss finish is better for text-heavy designs while the high-gloss works best for images.

Vinyl is the most popular material for banners. Our standard 13 oz. option will last you years but our premium 18 oz. banner lasts even longer. Need to advertise in a windy area? Choose mesh vinyl.

Magnets are the best for advertising on your vehicle without leaving any damage. These are removable and easy to reposition as needed. These weatherproof signage tools are durable and will last even while you’re on the road.

Fabric signs are a long-lasting display option. Choose from gallery-quality artist canvas or polyester adhesive fabric that does not shrink, curl, rip, or wrinkle in any climate.


Paper / Text

70 lb. Uncoated Paper - Extremely foldable. Two times thicker than regular copy paper.

80 lb. Glossy Paper - Thinner than 100 lb. paper, with a similar thickness and quality to a magazine page. Perfect for double-sided printing.

100 lb. Glossy Paper  - Most popular paper for flyers. Foldable and durable yet lightweight.

100 lb. Matte Paper - 100% sustainably sourced paper material. Increased weight helps withstand repeated handling.

Cardstock / Cover

10 pt. Glossy Cardstock  - This heavy-weight stock is more durable than 100 lb. paper and comes scored for folding. Coated with a reflective finish that shows off vibrant colors.

10 pt. Matte Cardstock  - Another heavy-weight and durable stock and comes scored for folding. Coated with a subdued, non-reflective finish for an elegant look and feel.

14 pt. Glossy Cardstock  - Sturdy stock with reflective coating that shows off vibrant colors on both sides.

14 pt. Matte Cardstock - Sturdy stock with a non-reflective coating for an understated and elegant look and feel.

14 pt. High Gloss UV Cardstock  - Durable stock with a mirror-like coating for the most vibrant print on both sides.

16 pt. Glossy Cardstock - Stiff stock with reflective coating that enhances vibrant colors on both sides.

16 pt. Matte Cardstock  - Stiff stock with a flat, non-reflective coating for an understated and sophisticated look and feel.

17 pt. Uncoated Cardstock  - Ultra thick and stiff uncoated cardstock that adds heft and elegance to business cards. Made from sustainably-sourced paper material.

Self-adhesive (cut-to-size)

White Paper Sticker Gloss - Self-adhesive sticker paper with a gloss finish. Not waterproof. Writable with a permanent ink marker or ballpoint pen.

White Paper Sticker Matte - Self-adhesive sticker paper with a matte finish. Not waterproof. Writable with a permanent ink marker or ballpoint pen.

White Paper Sticker High Gloss - Self-adhesive sticker paper with a mirror gloss finish that is also UV-resistant. Not waterproof. Not suitable for writing.



Semi Gloss - Semi gloss gives a medium shine that distinguishes both images and text on large poster designs.

High Gloss  - High gloss provides a higher shine that’s usually seen in large prints of photos or graphic artwork.

Vinyl / Film

Standard 13 oz. Vinyl - Popular, economical option for both indoor and outdoor displays. Has a matte finish for great visibility even in bright light.

18 oz. Matte Vinyl  - Strongest, smoothest and most versatile banner material. Lasts about five years outdoors

Mesh 9 oz. Vinyl  - Allows 25% air-flow through. Ideal for building wraps, fence mesh graphics, and boulevard banners in high -wind areas.

White Static Cling - Your design is printed on a white static cling base for a vibrant display that's easy to read from a distance.

Perforated Adhesive Vinyl - 6.5 mil. thick with adhesive backing. 30% Perforated with each hole measuring 0.062" diameter to let light through.


30 pt. Magnet Stock  - A thick, heavy-duty magnetic material suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Artist Canvas - Real poly-cotton blend canvas with a satin finish meant for stretching or framing. It is both UV- and water-resistant for long-lasting prints.

Adhesive Fabric - High-quality 100% polyester adhesive fabric that does not shrink, curl, rip, or wrinkle in any climate.