Add Glitz and Glam to Your Brand With Foil Hang Tag Printing

Looking for a stylish and savvy way to promote your brand and products? Foil hang tag printing is a great way to show off your company identity and share information while looking good. Custom printed metallic tags add shine and highlight your logo, name, and graphics to create a strong and unique brand identification visual that will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Foil hang tags have three metallic ink color options – gold, silver, and copper, and your design is printed on heavy-duty 16 pt. cardstock with two finishes:

Silk Laminated Cardstock

  • Silk laminated cardstock features a dull finish with a soft luxurious feel.
  • The cardstock’s silk laminate surface is water and tear-resistant.
  • Not suitable for writing.

Silk Laminated Cardstock With Spot UV

  • Add some spot UV elements with your foil accents to create more texture and design interest.
  • Foil and spot UV cannot overlap so you need to leave a 1/16” gap between them in your hang tag design.

What Hang Tag Size Should I Choose?

When choosing the size of your foil printed tags, bigger isn’t always better. To make the right choice, you need to ask yourself two things. First, how big is the item your printed tag will be displayed on, and second, how much info do you need to give your customers. The answers to these will help you decide if you need a larger or smaller size for your metallic hang tags.

Most popular hang tag sizes:

  • 2" x 3.5"
  • 1.75" x 3.5"
  • 2" x 2"

When Should I Use Foil Hang Tags?

Here are some creative ways you can take advantage of foil hang tag printing.

Clothing Hang Tags

Display company info, pricing, sizes, and even special instructions.A shiny metallic finish helps your hang tags stand out more so they don't end up in the trash can after purchase.

Product Tags

Inform your customers about the deals you offer or product information that they should know. These also help to get your special message across without having to change your current packaging.

Wedding or Party Favors

Wedding and event planners can utilize foil hang tags to create a cohesive theme for the event. They can also be used to label party favors and giveaways for a more personalized touch.

Custom Gift Tags

Show your appreciation to customers and clients with custom-tagged gifts. Help spread your brand while showing how much you care.

Foil hang tag printing helps engage your audience in an elegant and effortless way. A well-designed and strategically placed foil hang tag can generate the right response you want, which translates to the bottomline.

Question and Answer

“Spot UV” is a clear coating that is applied over only a chosen spot or specific area of a printed card. This adds texture on the printed surface and enhances colors too. Unlike matte or aqueous coatings which are writeable, a UV-finished surface cannot be written on.

Turnaround time only refers to the business days needed to product the approved artwork. Shipping is not included in the turnaround estimate. It is based off the shipping method selected at the time the order was placed.

Yes. Your foil hang tags come pre-drilled with a ⅛ string hole. You can also select the hole location. the following choices:

Guidelines for Setting Up Your Artwork for Foil Printing

To set up your file for foil printing, follow these important steps:

  • Your file should contain two layers.
  • One layer contains your artwork
  • Another layer to show where the foil will be applied
  • If applying foil to text, use font size of 8 pts. or larger.
  • Strokes or borders must be more than 1.5 pts. thick.
  • Limit foil coverage to 50% of the surface area.

To set up your file for foil printing with spot uv:

In addition to the second layer added for the foil printing process, your file should have a third layer for the spot uv. Below are the additional guidelines for preparing your files for foil printing with spot uv.

  • On your third layer, create a mask file for the elements in your design where you would want spot uv.
  • Use 100% K or black to elements for spot uv, and 0% K where spot uv is not applied.
  • Leave a 1/16" gap in between foil and spot uv elements. They cannot overlap.
  • Minimum font size is 8 pts.
  • Minimum strokes or borders should be 1.5 pts. thick.

Download our free file template.

If you need help setting up your file, call our customer service at 888-296-5760 or use our Live Chat.


The flat finish of our paper options provide great contrast to the shiny foil.

16 pt. Cardstock Silk Laminated

  • 16 pt. Cardstock with silk laminate on both sides with a combined thickness of 18 pt.
  • Dull finish with soft luxurious feel
  • Tear and water-resistant
  • Not ideal for writing on

Foil Color

Copper FoilRed FoilSilver Foil
Blue FoilGold FoilBlack Foil

Guidelines for setting up your print file: 

  • If applying foil to text, use font size of 8 pt. or larger.
  • Strokes or borders must be more than 1.5 pt. thick.
  • Limit foil coverage to 50% of the surface area.
  • The foil mask should be a separate layer on your file (download our free file setup template for more information).

If you need help setting up your file, call Customer Service at 888-296-5760 and ask about our Design Services.

Foil Color

Spot UV

High Gloss UV Coating is applied to selected areas. It draws attention and provides visual interest to your prints. If your artwork has both Spot UV and Foil, please leave a 1/16" gap in between. They cannot overlap.

Download Blank Print Templates

Use these blank templates with your preferred design software to set up your print file with the correct trim and foliding lines.

Final Dimensions
1.5" x 3.5"
1.75" x 3.5"
2" x 2"
2" x 3.5"
2" x 4"
2" x 6"
2.5" x 2.5"
3" x 3"
3.5" x 3.5"
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