Print Multiple Stickers on One Page With Sticker Sheets

Print sticker sheets for your business

With sticker sheets, you can print stickers with different designs on a single piece of 8.5" x 11" sticker paper. You can choose to have the same design or a variety of designs on each sheet. 

When your design is printed on the sheet, we only cut through the sticker and not all the way through the backing. This allows you to peel the stickers individually off the sheet on the other hand cut-to-size stickers, also known as regular stickers, are cut from the sheet completely and delivered in stacks.  

At PrintRunner, we print your stickers in full color on high-grade sticker paper or vinyl. Choose from the following options: 

Uncoated paper sticker has excellent writability. Perfect for stickers that you need to write on like name tag stickers and return address labels. The uncoated surface is more ink-absorbent, so colors will be less saturated. We recommend this material only for indoor use.  

High-gloss paper sticker is layered with a UV-resistant, high-gloss finish. The shiny coating boosts the color saturation of your designs. It also adds some protection from scuffs and scratches.

70 lb. label gloss is a bend-and-peel paper with a self-adhesive backing. Its reflective finish makes colors pop. However, this material is not waterproof and is best suited for indoor use only. If you need to write on this sticker, please use a permanent marker and allow the ink to dry for a few minutes before using the sticker.

70 lb. label matte is another self-adhesive, bend-and-peel material that’s made for indoor use. This sticker paper has a matte finish that gives designs an elegant look and feel. The non-reflective finish also allows you to write on the sticker with just a ballpoint pen.

70 lb. label high gloss comes with a mirror-gloss finish that gives stickers an ultra-shiny look. This bend-and-peel material with self-adhesive backing is not waterproof and works great for indoor use only. Use only a permanent ink marker if you need to write on the sticker.

4 mil. white vinyl is self-adhesive and waterproof, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Since it’s UV-resistant, prints do not fade easily even in harsh weather conditions. This material also comes with a high-gloss finish which is not ideal for writing on unless you are going to use a permanent marker.

Our minimum custom sticker sheet printing quantities start at 25 sheets. 

Sticker Shapes That Stand Out

Printing sticker sheets allows you to put together different designs on one sheet. You also get to choose the shapes that you want for each design:

  • Basic shapes are tried and tested and are great when you want something traditional. These shapes tend to give more emphasis to your message or logo.
  • Custom shapes allow for more personalization. Your stickers will be printed following the contours of your logo or shaped to look like any object.

Our new calculator design lets you choose sticker shapes fast and easy. Just click on the shape that you want (basic or custom), and you will see the different specifications for your design. You can use the same design on one sheet or add multiple artworks to make your sheet more interesting.

Advantages of Sheet Sticker Printing

When printing sticker sheets, you can select from four standard sheet sizes. The total number of stickers per sheet will depend on the size of the sticker and the size of the sheet you choose. For example, on a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet, you can fit four 4" x 5" stickers. Now, if your order requires many small stickers, you can fit up to 30 pieces of 1" x 2.685" stickers on the same sheet size. It’s just the right size to store in a folder or filing cabinet, making them perfect for home and office use. When you use the same design for sticker sheets, you can easily divide and distribute your stickers because there’s an exact amount on every page.

Printing different designs or different shapes is also possible. This is an excellent way to try out logo studies for branding or testing out product packaging options. This is great for when you want to give your customers more options. Because you can print multiple designs on just one piece of paper, sticker sheets are more economical and produce less waste compared to other types of stickers.

Multiple Designs, Plenty of Possibilities

Sticker sheets are perfect for promotions and event marketing. You can use them as mailing or return address labels, envelope seals, and even name tags.

Some like to print their packaging stickers on sheets because they’re easier to peel off and apply. Custom sticker sheets are also exceptional for asset management in offices and warehouses.

As a brand, you can also print different forms of your logo and slogan. Add some icons and catchy phrases that fit your branding. These work great as giveaways or as packaging inserts for customer purchases.

There’s plenty of ways you can take advantage of sticker sheets. The best part about ordering from PrintRunner is that we can have your stickers printed in just 1 business day.

Complete your order before 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, and we’ll have it ready for pick up or shipping by 6 p.m. PT the next business day.

Question & Answer

Printing turnaround is the time it takes for us to confirm your order, print sheet stickers, and have them ready for pick up or shipping. This only covers business days and operating hours. Printing turnaround does not cover weekends, holidays, shipping time, or delays. For sticker sheets, you can choose from 1, 3, and 8 business days.  

Of course, you can choose to pick up your prints at one of our California locations when placing your order. We will send you an email notification when your items are ready for pickup. Find more information on our pickup locations here.  

Yes, our prepress team provides a PDF document for your review. Proofing allows you to check your design for any errors before it goes to print. You can request this process upon checkout, and it is totally free of charge. If you request for a PDF proof, it will be ready within six hours after you place your order. You will receive an email notification once your proof is ready.  

We prefer that you send us files in PDF format. However, we can also accept the following:

• AI

In addition, we recommend keeping small texts at a minimum of 8 pt. The minimum resolution is 300 dpi and in CMYK color space. Proofread your artwork for any grammatical errors and typos. We only check for print-related technical issues found in your file.

Sticker Sheets Paper Options

White Paper Sticker - Uncoated

Self-adhesive sticker paper with a excellent writability. Colors may look less saturated or faded. Not waterproof.

White Paper Sticker - High Gloss

Self-adhesive sticker paper with a mirror gloss finish that is also UV-resistant. Not waterproof. Not recommended for writing.

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Download Blank Print Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank template for your preferred design software. 

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