Custom Stickers and Labels for Any Business

Stickers and labels are one of the most essential prints for many businesses. Look around and you’ll find these everywhere. From beauty products to food packaging, barcodes and everyday mail—stickers and labels are so versatile for practically every type of business.


custom stickers
Custom Stickers

Choose cut-to-size, roll, or sheet stickers

Business Stickers
Business Stickers

Boost your branding and promotions

Roll Stikcers
Roll Stickers

Fits dispensers for easy and fast application

Bulk Stickers
Bulk Stickers

Order as much as 100,000 stickers

custom labels
Custom Labels

Order in cut-to-size, roll, or sheets format

water bottle labels
Water Bottle Labels

Print your company logo for promotional giveaways

Product Labels
Product Labels

Waterproof and weather-resistant material options

Wine Labels
Wine Labels

Various shapes and sizes available

Stickers and Labels for Every Purpose

At PrintRunner, we offer every type of custom sticker to suit your needs. Our website makes it easy to create and personalize your prints. Whether it’s for everyday use, product packaging, or branding efforts, you have numerous ways to create the perfect stickers for your business.

Need something waterproof and long-lasting? We have vinyl and biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) for stickers that stay intact even when exposed to heat, moisture, and refrigeration. Our label materials also include elegant Estate adhesive paper for that textured look and feel that many brands love. You have a wide variety of long-lasting adhesives to choose from, both for indoor and outdoor use.

We offer 3 types of stickers and labels for you to choose from:

Cut-to-size stickers and labels are individually cut and delivered to you in stacks. A popular choice for promotions, cut-to-size stickers are easy to hand out and include in packaging as giveaways. Order individually cut stickers if you only need a few pieces.

Rolled stickers and labels are printed on adhesive and wound around a cardboard spool. This fits most label dispensers. If you need 250 pieces or more, go for rolled labels for easier application.

Sheets are aligned and printed on letter-sized adhesive paper. They’re easy to peel off and come in a variety of sizes and indoor materials. For easy storing, go for sticker sheets.

Order from PrintRunner and get quality prints for less in just a few days. We can print stickers and labels and have them ready for shipping as fast as 24 hours. Complete your order before 5 p.m. PT from Monday to Friday, and we can ship it out by 6 p.m. PT the next day.

Shop stickers and labels and get free shipping on orders above $39.

Create Stickers that Stand Out

Make stickers that look so good that they do all the selling for you. Choose from our most popular types:

Product labels don’t just boost the appearance of your merchandise. Use them as product-guarantee labels to promote safety and proper usage. The most trusted brands communicate helpful information to boost customers’ confidence in their products. Provide assurance about your manufacturing process, include your ingredients, instructions for proper use, and expiration dates.

Business stickers add life to your packaging. A favorite for restaurants and online merchants, these stickers add a personal touch to your product deliveries. Seal your packaging with a branded sticker or a thank you message. Print business stickers as a cheaper alternative to custom boxes.

Vinyl stickers make great giveaways with your brand’s unique designs, logo, or slogan. Include your social media channels, and contact details. This type of stickers is UV-resistant and waterproof, a small detail that shows customers you don’t cut corners on quality.

Ready to order stickers and labels? Just upload your design on the website. If you don’t have a design yet, create your own with our quick and easy online design tool.

Order as few as 25 pieces or up to 50,000 at affordable rates. You can get an instant quote using our order calculator. Just select your preferred size, quantity, and material and get the estimated cost of your order at the bottom of the calculator.

Shop stickers and labels for your business today.

Stickers and Labels FAQs

How long will it take to deliver my stickers?

For stickers and labels, we can have them printed and ready for shipping in just 1 business day. Just complete your order and payment before 5 p.m. PT on a Monday and we’ll ship it out by 6 p.m. PT on Tuesday. Turnaround time varies for different order quantities and materials, and does not cover holidays, weekends, and delivery times.

Is it cheaper if I order stickers in bulk?

Yes. Bulk sticker printing saves material and shipping costs, so ordering in larger quantities reduces the cost per unit. For example, ordering 100 pieces of 3” x 3” circle stickers in white vinyl costs 37¢ per piece. If you order 1,000 stickers, you only pay 7¢ per piece. To check the unit cost of your stickers, simply use the order calculator in the corresponding product page.

Can you print wine labels?

Yes, we can. We offer wine labels in cut-to-size and roll format. Select from a variety of materials such as premium sticker paper, BOPP labels, white vinyl, or Estate adhesive paper. Much coveted for its elegant and textured yet durable surface, Estate paper is a favorite choice for wine label printing.

What is the most durable sticker material?

We recommend white vinyl as our most durable option. It comes with a high-gloss finish, making it waterproof, weather-resistant and the most long-lasting material among our selection of cut-to-size sticker printing.

Will I see a design proof of my stickers?

Yes, you can request for a PDF proof upon checkout, free of charge. We will send you a PDF document for your review, letting you check your design before it goes to final print. If you request for a PDF proof, it will be ready within 6 hours after you place your order. You will receive an email notification once your proof is ready.