Security and Accessibility in One

Never misplace your key cards again with custom key card holders. These holders are small and sleek pocket folders designed to secure your key cards and help prevent them from getting lost or damaged.

If you’re running a small business, these holders are essential accessories as they provide practicality and organization. They are compact and lightweight, provide easy access for employees and guests, and are also a cost-effective tool for marketing campaigns. Add your logo, tagline, or company information, and top it off with an eye-catching design to promote your business and increase brand recognition.

A Handy Versatile Tool

While key card holders are mostly used for hotel cards, they also apply to small items like ATM cards, membership cards, gift cards, and more. Our key card holders have a standard size of 2.75" x 4.5" so that they conveniently fit into wallets, purses, or pockets.

At PrintRunner, we offer many options for you to personalize your key card holders. You can opt for 14 pt. cardstock or 16 pt. cardstock to make your key card holder thicker and more durable. You can also add matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV coatings for protection. Finally, you can choose to print your design inside and outside the key card holder.

We also have free downloadable print layout templates and an easy-to-use online design tool you can use at no extra cost. If you have a print-ready file available, you can upload it to our website and you can request a free PDF proof upon checkout to ensure that your design prints correctly.

Whether it’s for keeping your cards organized, promoting your business, or selling advertising space for other businesses, key card holders an excellent low-cost solution to your needs.

Key card holders are not only convenient, they also make your brand look professional. Here are the features of our cardstock and coatings:

14 pt. Cardstock Gloss

  • Offers a shiny and reflective surface
  • Creates a polished and stylish appearance

14 pt. Cardstock Matte

  • Provides a smooth and elegant texture
  • Delivers a sophisticated look with a non-glossy finish

14 pt. High Gloss UV Coating at the Front, Uncoated at the Back

  • Presents a vibrant and glossy appearance on the front side due to the high gloss UV coating
  • The uncoated back side offers a natural feel, balancing the overall design

16 pt. Cardstock Gloss

  • Made from a sturdy and thicker cardstock material, ensuring increased durability
  • The glossy finish adds a substantial and glossy appearance, enhancing the holder's visual appeal
  • A 16-pt. thickness gives the key holder a longer lifespan

16 pt. Cardstock Matte

  • Provides a refined and sophisticated look
  • Features a smooth, non-glossy texture

Download Blank Print Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank template for your preferred design software. 

Final Dimensions
2.75" x 4.5"
Single - Right Only