Give Donations and Tithes Through Elegant Offering Envelopes

Offering envelopes are special envelopes used for donations and charity. Churches often give these away so that members can easily hand in their tithes and donations toward church projects. Nonprofit organizations also use these offering envelopes to collect money to be used for their charities and other activities.

At PrintRunner, we print different envelope types for different uses. Now, we extend our printing services to donation and offering envelopes. Churches, NGOs, and other institutions may now send their custom envelope designs and we’ll turnover excellent quality envelopes which they can distribute and use for offertories and mail-in donations.

Print Inspired Offering Envelopes for Church Projects and Charity

Offering envelopes usually have a standard size and design specifically for making donations. You can count on us to deliver creative and inspiring donation envelopes for your patrons.

Offering Envelope FAQs

Check Out Our Offering Envelope Printing Services

At PrintRunner, we use the highest quality materials and advanced printing technology to deliver the requirements you need. Check out our standard for offering and donation envelopes:

  • Sizes:
    • Standard tithing envelope (6.25" x 3.125")
    • #9 offering/remittance envelope (8.875" x 3.875")
    • #6 offering/remittance envelope (6.5" x 3.625")
  • Type: Offering envelope print design - Name, Address, Type of Donation
  • Paper: 70 lb. paper, uncoated
  • Design: Full-color print
  • Printed side: Front only, Front and Back
  • Quantity: 250 envelopes minimum and up to 20,000 maximum
  • Turnaround: 4 or 6 business days

Download Blank Print Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank template for your preferred design software.

Final Dimensions
6.25" x 3.125"
Tithing/Offering Envelope
6.5" x 3.625"
#6 Offering Envelope
8.875" x 3.875"
#9 Offering Envelope