Combine Elegance and Convenience With Ribbon-Handle Eurototes

Design sleek and sophisticated ribbon-handle Eeurototes customers would love to use and show off. These regal-looking shopping bags combine form and function with matte-laminated paper, easy-to-carry grosgrain ribbon handles, a reinforced fold-over top, and a cardboard bottom insert. Available in black and in white, our Eurotote gives your brand a tinge of exclusivity and elegance that your customers would appreciate.

Customize Your Very Own High-End Paper Tote

Choose between two large sizes. If you need a broader base and more room for products like clothes, towels, or tablets, the 10” x 4” x 8” is your best option. The generous width also suits horizontally oriented logo designs.

For tall items like wine bottles, tumblers, or any product that needs to be packed vertically, opt for the 7 ¾” x 4 ¾”x 9 ¾”. This Eurotote’s height suits logo designs with text and shapes read from top to bottom.

Complement the black or white color with a foil, matte, or high gloss decoration.
Highlight your logo and brand name in a metallic foil finish, a shiny high gloss, or an elegant matte color. The metallic options include premium choices such as burgundy, copper, gold, silver, and rose gold.

The high gloss options add even more extravagance in champagne, gloss black, or platinum options. We recommend these hues for exclusive gifts or packages for VIP customers.

The matte has the broadest colors to match any brand image or occasion. Choose from dark green, light blue, yellow, white, orange, navy, matte black, pink, royal blue, and more.

Customize each bag at the front or on both sides.
Highlight your brand and essential details at the front or both sides of the Eurotote bag. You can apply any of the decorative finishes on the front and back. Just upload your file, and we’ll apply it to your selected size.

If you have yet to create a design, you can use our online design tool for free. You can also download a free layout template and open it on your preferred editing program.