Roll Vinyl Labels

  • Choose from square, rectangle, circle/round and oval shapes
  • Comes rolled on standard 3" core
  • For individually cut labels, see Cut-to-Size Labels

Product Features

Great Quality
Great Quality
Sticks to any surface
Sticks on any surface
Fade Resistant
Fade Resistant
Roll and Cut to Size
Roll & Cut-to-Size
Crack and Peel
Easy Peel Off
Custom Shapes
Custom Shape
Custom sizes available
Custom Size
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Durable Roll Vinyl Label Printing for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Make your labels invincible from indoor and most especially outdoor use! Try using vinyl label printing here at PrintRunner. Our labels are durable and can hold off against different environmental stressors such as moisture and heat. This is our thickest and most durable sticker material. These qualities are perfect for equipment, bottled beverages, soaps, and more. Moreover these labels are self-adhesive and can be stuck to practically any surface.

Here at PrintRunner, we offer a variety of specs options for you to choose from. Choose from square, rectangle, circle/round and oval shapes with 60+ standard sizes available. It also has additional lamination/coating and color options to choose from. Order quantity is from 250 – 100,000 pieces that are all ready to be shipped in 4 – 6 business days.

If you have inquiries, talk to us through our Live Chat button or call us at 1-888-296-5760. We are more than willing to assist you always!

How to Print Roll Vinyl Labels Online?

Step 1: Use the Roll Vinyl Label Labels Product Calculator.
Step 2: Choose your Roll Vinyl Label Labels Product Specifications (Size, Material, Quantity, etc).
Step 3: Upload yourRoll Vinyl Label Labels design, create your own design through our Design Tool.
Step 4: Submit Roll Vinyl Label Labels design for FREE Proofing.
Step 5: Checkout and wait for your product to be delivered.


White Vinyl (Outdoor/Indoor)
UV-resistant gloss laminated vinyl self-adhesive label. Our thickest and most durable sticker material. Best label for outdoor exposure.