Organize Your Contacts With Premium Rolodex Cards

Forget the notion that rolodex cards are old-fashioned and unnecessary.  These promotional prints are useful despite the existence of tools that can substitute them. It's practical to to invest in materials in case computer files get lost.

Businessmen and professionals in different fields continue to use business card rolodex because these are handy. This means these prints are still a competitive medium for you to bring out your marketing plan.

We at Printrunner can help you get impressive prints that are hard to miss. We use high-end materials such as 14 pt. card stock for durable prints. We give your prints added shine and protection with our UV coating.  For those who don’t have time to design your cards, all you have to do is get our rolodex template and you’re good to go!

Your online rolodex card printing couldn’t get more fun with our prompt and professional services. Expect your cards to be delivered to you in 4 or  2 business days if you’re  in a rush. 


14pt C2S

This is a sturdy cardstock coated on both sides. Popularly used for business cards, postcards, etc. You can opt for a High Gloss UV Coating on one or both sides, Gloss Aqueous Coating for a soft shine or Matte Coating for an elegant look.

Download Blank Print Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank template for your preferred design software. 

Final Dimensions
4" x 2.6"
Approx. 4x2.6