Seriously Punny Business: The Universal Language of Puns

From store names to billboards and everything in between, businesses are constantly looking to communicate with customers. But how do you connect with different people from different backgrounds and experiences?

Well, if humor is a form of communication, then puns are like its language. Similar to music, puns are a universal language that cross borders and connect people all around the world.

So it makes sense that businesses everywhere are getting attention for their punny store names.

This Logo is a No - Go

When you’re looking to make a quick s top for some basics, many people head to 7-11. But if you’re in the Philippines, you might go to 7-Evelyn, a small sari-sari store that got super creative with its name, logo and even color palette. After going viral, someone from 7-11 allegedly came to the store and told the doppelganger to change its signage. All publicity is good publicity (until it isn’t) and 7-Evelyn ultimately closed in 2021.

Punny Business: 7-Evelyn
7-Evelyn, a convenience store in Philippines, has more than just products in common with 7-11.
Photo Credit: Chad Gray Jet Pazaol / Facebook

Tex-Mex with a side of Spanglish

WA Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin chose to find humor in these uncertain times by updating their marquee with funny observations and sayings. “[We] find comfort in bringing smiles and laughter to our community on a daily basis,” says Paige Winstanley, co-owner of El Arroyo. And that’s just what they’ve been doing. Even when the restaurant was temporarily closed, their sign was still updated every day.

Punny Business: El Arroyo daily marquee message Punny Business: El Arroyo daily marquee message Punny Business: El Arroyo daily marquee message
El Arroyo restaurant in Texas has updated their marquee every day since the start of the pandemic in April 2020.
Photo Credit: El Arroyo / Instagram

Breaking through the Clutter

Think about it - you’re in a group with people you’ve just met and one woman made you seriously LOL several times. You may not remember her jokes, but you’ll definitely remember how hard you laughed. The same concept applies to businesses. Puns and funny signs can help break through the clutter so customers not only see your brand, but remember it, like these examples.

Punny Business: Sure Lock Holmes
It doesn’t take a detective to figure out this pun.
Photo Credit: Sure Lock Homes / Facebook

Punny Business: Pita Pan
Skip the trip to Never Never Land for a shish kebab in Brooklyn.
Photo Credit: EdFladung / Flickr

Punny Business: British Hairways
This barber shop is really taking off
Photo Credit: Hairdressers Journal

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