Advertise in a Snap With Wheeled Snap-In Signs

Wheeled snap-in signs are the perfect signage choice for advertising outdoors and in areas with high foot traffic. Whether you want to display your sign on the sidewalk or in front of your store, these signs can immediately capture the attention of any passerby, even at times when customers are in a rush to reach their destination.

With PrintRunner’s wheeled snap-in signs, you can promote your daily specials, deals, discounts, sales, or menu without worrying about graphics toppling over, blowing away, or harming passersby during windy weather.

Customization Options That Bring Out Your Brand’s Personality 

Our wheeled snap-in signs provide many opportunities for your brand to stand out against competitors. Each 24” x 36” panel in a wheeled snap-in allows plenty of room for both text and images to be included in your advertisement. You can also choose between single-sided or double-sided printing for better visibility.

Should you need to change your advertising message, you can quickly change and remove the graphics by snapping them in and out of the frame. These 4 mm corrugated plastic signs are not only made of durable and long-lasting materials, they are also waterproof and wind-resistant.

Need to move your sign to a different location? Not a problem! You can quickly transfer it from one area to another because of the portable wheels attached to it. If you need more weight to keep your sign upright, you can fill the base with sand or water.

Check out these specs to start printing your wheeled snap-in sign:


  • 4 mm Corrugated Plastic

Graphic Size

  • 24" x 36"

Frame Size

  • 28.7" x 43"

Display Options

  • Frame + 2 Signs (Single-sided)
  • Frame + 2 Signs (Double-sided)

Printed Side

  • Front Only
  • Front and Back

Quantity Range

  • Minimum - 1 piece
  • Maximum - 50 pieces

Turnaround Time

  • 3 Business Days

Download Blank Print Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank template for your preferred design software. 

Final Dimensions