5 Ways to Improve Packaging With Stickers and Labels

custom shipping labels

Now more than ever, your product packaging may just be one of the most important aspects of promotion. More than protecting your merchandise, it can make or break a customer’s perception of your brand.

For any business, investing in professional packaging is key to properly convey your reliability as a business. But for those with limited budgets, how do you stand a chance against the competition?

Fortunately, great packaging is not just about fancy custom boxes and printed shopping bags. There are plenty of ways you can enhance your product presentation without breaking the bank, with the help of stickers and labels.


What’s the difference between a sticker and a label?

Stickers and labels are made of the same premium materials and are printed and trimmed using the same methods. They only differ based on application, but both stickers and labels yield the same results in look, quality, and effectiveness.

Sticker printing is often used for promotional purposes. They are popularly used for event giveaways, brand merchandise, customer freebies, and more.

Label printing is the term used when the adhesives are already applied on a product. Labels convey information to customers like product ingredients, usage instructions, and potential hazards.

There are endless benefits to using stickers and labels for your product packaging. Here are some of the best ways you can use them to enhance plain packages.


custom labels

1. Brand shipping boxes with custom labels.

Easy, straightforward, and highly effective. Print labels with your log and bring life to boring shipping boxes. Customers will know their order from you has arrived as soon as they see that package on their doorstep. You can add other information such as your website or brand hashtag so consumers remember how to find you online.


custom stickers

2. Print stickers for every season.

Notice how brands change their product designs based on special holidays? Whether it’s Valentine’s day-themed wrappers or sparkling packaging for Christmas, seasonal packaging gives your product a fresh look that connects with consumers and can increase sales due to their “limited” seasonal stock.

You can have the same plain packaging but constantly update the design with the help of seasonal stickers and labels.


well designed stickers

3. Personalize messages with labels.

Big brands print custom packaging to elevate the unboxing experience. For those with limited budgets, why not print eye-catching packaging labels instead? The best part about sticker and label printing is you can design and print them in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Whether you print your logo, social media handles, or a nice message to connect with your customers, labels can be easily designed to match your branding and latest campaign.


sticker sheets

4. Include sticker sheet giveaways with every purchase.

There’s nothing that a customer loves more than freebies. Something as simple as a sticker sheet with your logo and some on-brand iconography can help validate someone’s purchase. Attractive sticker designs can encourage people to apply them on their personal belongings, which can promote customer loyalty and increase brand recognition.

To keep customers engaged, change up your sticker sheet designs every few months so they can look forward to something new each time they order.


food labels

5. Seal packages with branded labels.

When receiving online orders, have you noticed that most brands put seals on each layer of packaging? You remove the seal to open the mailer box, then your products are covered with a layer of sealed packaging tissue. The actual product is also sealed with a sticker that prevents spillage. Aside from assuring customers that their products haven’t been tampered with, sticker seals are a great way to show seamless branding.

All these tips can help you make the most out of sticker and label printing. In addition to adhesives, there are more cost-effective ways to complete the look such as packaging sleeves, hang tags, custom tissue paper, and postcards.

Whatever your product, PrintRunner will work with you to find the best packaging solution for your business.