Close the Deal in a Flash With Metallic Sales/Data Sheets

Pull out all the stops on your presentation with metallic sale sheets printing. Dazzle and delight your prospects with metallic glow and information about the product and services you offer.

Include them as an insert in your presentation folders or hand them out at trade shows and conferences. The sparkle on the sale sheet design will engage your audience, start conversations, and help make that sale.

How Is Metallic Printing Done?

Metallic printing is done via a simple process.

First, silver foil is applied to the paper or cardstock. For metallic sale sheets, a heavy-duty 16 pt. gloss cardstock is used as the printing material.

Next, CMYK ink is printed on top of the silver layer. This creates a metallic effect that shines like the real thing and even feels like polished metal.

With this printing process, you can turn any color under the sun into a metallic hue. You can even transform gradients into metallic ones.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Metallic Sale Sheets Printing?

Here are some key things you need to know to help you in creating the perfect sale sheets to get that deal:

Sale Sheet Sizes

  • 9 sale sheet sizes are available for metallic printing, including the popular 4” x 6” size.
  • Choose the best size that will fit your mode of distribution – as folder insert, for handing out, or as an addition to your media kit.

Spot UV

  • This clear high-gloss coating boosts the shimmer on your metallic sale sheets.
  • Add this to create more texture and depth.
  • When creating your artwork, make sure your metallic and spot UV areas do not overlap.

Printed Sides

  • Print on only one side for an at-a-glance presentation.
  • Maximize both sides available so you can put more information in.

How Do I Create an Effective Sale Sheet?

Now that you’re done with the basics, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Here’s what you need to put in your metallic sale sheets printing to make it effective in meeting your marketing goals:

  1. Focus on the selling point. You need to promote the benefits of using the product or service you are offering. Communicate the problems it solves for your prospects.
  2. Make your headlines catchy. Write clear and concise headlines that capture the message you want to say. Make it relatable and engaging so your prospects will want to read more.
  3. Make it a visual priority. Utilize bold visuals. Your images should be able to convey the message you want to say. It should also look professional with a high resolution. This helps legitimize the products you are offering.
  4. Organize your thoughts. A wall of text is the fastest way to lose a prospect. Make sure you breakdown your content and images into sections and bullets. This is easier to read and comprehend.
  5. CTA. An effective call-to-action encourages your prospect to make the next step. You can add metallic accents to your CTA so it will be more visible.

Do you want to learn more about sales sheets? Then check out this great article on how effective sale sheets help you close the deal.

Get started and print metallic sale sheets that can turn your life around. Upload your artwork to get started. Or browse through our many free downloadable templates.

Question and Answer

Although they both have a similar effect, foil stamping only comes in a limited number of colors. If you want to turn any color into metallic, even gradients, metallic sales sheet printing is the best choice.

Spot UV is a printing finish that features a clear gloss coat that is hardened using UV. This creates the high-gloss effect.

“Printing turnaround time” is the number of days needed in order for us to produce your sales sheets. In this case, your order will be ready to ship in 6 business days. This does not include weekends and holidays.

What Material Is Used for Metallic Sales/Data Sheet Printing?

16 pt. Glossy Cardstock

  • Thick and sturdy cardstock features a gloss finish.
  • Writable with a marker.

Spot UV

Spot UV

High Gloss UV Coating is applied to selected areas. It draws attention and provides visual interest to your prints. If your artwork has both Spot UV and Foil, please leave a 1/16" gap in between. They cannot overlap.

Download Blank Print Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank sales sheet template for your preferred design software.

Final Dimensions
4" x 6"
4" x 6" Metallic Sales Sheets
4" x 9"
4" x 9" Metallic Sales Sheets
4.25" x 6"
4.25" x 6" Metallic Sales Sheets
4.25" x 11"
4.25" x 11" Metallic Sales Sheets
5" x 7"
5" x 7" Metallic Sales Sheets
5.5" x 8.5"
5.5" x 8.5" Metallic Sales Sheets
6" x 9"
6" x 9" Metallic Sales Sheets
6" x 11"
6" x 11" Metallic Sales Sheets
8.5" x 11"
8.5" x 11" Metallic Sales Sheets