64 Tips on How to Promote Your Business Using Print Products

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If your business constantly delivers excellent products and services but only has a handful of regular clients, it will fail. Without enough customers, a business won’t turn in profits necessary to maintain operating costs.

This is the reason why promoting your business and reaching out to potential clients is mandatory for the survival of your company or store.

You can start by using different print products to promote your business. Below are tips on what you need to keep in mind and how to integrate the print products as part of your marketing plan:


1. Ensure that your branding is consistent on all advertising mediums. The colors, shapes, and images used should  also
reflect your company’s mission and vision.

2. Create stickers with a compelling design consistent with your brand so people will be encouraged to affix them on their belongings and other people will see them.

3. When running a snail mail campaign, print your brand on letterheads to give them a more professional and authoritative appearance.

4. Use your cars or vehicles as mobile advertisements by affixing bumper stickers with your company brand printed on them and drive around town for people to see.

5. Create a made-up holiday and launch a marketing campaign tied to your business using postcards to boost sales and branding.

6. Instead of giving out your usual promotional tools on paper, give away  pens, notebooks, and magnets so your business would stand out above your competitors and customers will remember it much easier.


7. Go the old-fashioned route with direct mail to separate your business from your competitors since most run their marketing campaigns run on social media.

8. Should you decide to go with social media for the purpose of complementing your print products, use it fastidiously.

9. Send out calendars to customers before the beginning of the year for their pleasure

10. Send out greeting cards to your customers during the holidays and spread good cheer.

11. Go with mascot marketing to embody your hopes and dreams not just as a company, but also a person who wants to make the most out of life and inspire others to do the same.

12. Create marketing campaigns revolving around holidays such as holding a sale to entice people not going to school or work into visiting your stores.

13. Want something out of the box for your marketing campaign? Let these unique marketing ideas get you thinking on what to do next.

14. Once your customer makes a transaction, pack their purchased products inside paper bags and seal it using a sticker with your logo on it.

15. Display your full color brochures at locations with high foot traffic.

16. Going for laughs, when done correctly, is an effective route to marketing. When you do go for humor marketing, make sure to keep dishing out the jabs and come up with new materials to keep the laughs going.

17. Stick a yard sign up a property you’re selling or when promoting an event in town.

18. Use mobile marketing to complement your print ads.

19. Use flyers, brochures, and postcards for event marketing.

20. Showcase your apparel and product line using catalogs to create consumer buying guides.

21. Aside from bumper stickers, use car door magnets to make your vehicles as bigger mobile ads to your business.


22. Learn how to use color in designing your print material to make a lasting impression to your target clients.

23. Be inspired with some of the best business card designs

24. …and outstanding booklet designs published on the Internet.

25. Learn basic design using a photo editing software so you can oversee the creation of your company logo. If you can’t find time to learn this skills, you can try out free online design tools, which are simplified and easy-to-use versions of design software.

26. Create a compelling logo design by selecting the correct layout, typeface, and color to bring out your brand.

27. Update your business cards yearly and change the information and design displayed on them to keep up with the times.

28. Use the appropriate typeset to make the most impact on your print materials to your customers. Serif and San-Serif are common fonts used in ad copy because of their readability.

29. Before submitting your design for printing, make sure that the design is within the bleed lines of the template, has the correct resolution, and uses the correct color mode (CMYK or RGB) to ensure the correctness of the print once it comes out on the spool.

Customer relations

30. Keep in touch with your customers and provide them updates of the latest promos and events held by your business.

31. Customer testimonials must be included in your ad copy to give that authentic feel to your business.

32. Create business cards as incentives for customers to come back at your store by providing them with promos or discounts on their next visit.

33. Minimize customer complaints and negative feedback about your business.

34. Show how effective your products and services are by making a case study about one of your customers who made it big with the help of your business.

Ad copy

35. Separate yourself from your competitors by using choice words in your ad copy that best represents your business and to boost sales.

36. Remember these three things when writing ad copies: be brief, controversial, and break the rules.

37. When using envelopes as part of your marketing strategy, generate suspense using your ad copy to encourage people to open them.


38. For bookstore owners and novelists, hand out bookmarks for every successful sale of your book so your customers will not only have something to use when saving the page off the book, but also remind them of your brand.

39. For improving your documentation process, use NCR forms to create duplicate document so you won’t have to use carbon paper, rewrite, or reprint the document.

40. Boost sales of your restaurant with the help of table tents, so when customers wait for their orders, they can browse through the specials offered on the table tent and order them later.

41. Keep in touch and update members of your business by sending them postcards periodically for sales and promos.

42. Update your shareholders by giving out annual reports using sell sheets.

43. Keep your employees in the loop with the latest happenings at your workplace by providing them monthly or bi-monthly newsletters.

44. For models, create a comp card to provide agencies with a quick look at your best angles.

45. Photographers should take advantage of the seasons, especially during spring, and take pictures of breathtaking landscapes and the like in order to print them out as postcards (as individual images) or a brochure (contains multiple images) to be given away to potential clients.

46. For restaurants with delivery services, shore up your menus with great design and leave your customers impressed with how you present your dishes in paper form. For customers calling for food delivery, include a magnet along with their orders so your customers will stick it on their refrigerator doors or other metal surfaces.

47. Use rack cards to promote your diners and tourist destinations and get them displayed on hotels or inns nearest you.

48. When hosting outdoor events, hang vinyl banners so people can see who sponsored the event.

49. For gym owners, give students something to do during the summer by handing out flyers promoting your gym at places near you.

50. Landscaping services should market their businesses by sticking yard signs in front of their porch or at select areas where a lot of people pass by them.

51. Travel agencies can create brochures of the top tourist destinations during the particular season to encourage people in booking for a flight.

52. Wedding professionals must learn how to market themselves using a combination of brochures, envelopes, and business cards to create buzz about their services.

53. Spread the word about your business to increase referral sales.

54. Collect online feedback from your previous customers and filter in constructive criticism to help your business improve its products and services.

55. Use rubber stamps to turn menial and repetitive task of notating documents into a breeze.

56. Help your customers decide on what to do next by providing an eye-grabbing call-to-action that relies on its placement, size, and color.

57. Build your mailing list organically by getting customers who just paid at the counter to fill up their name, physical, and e-mail address on the form.

58. Those running a theater can promote advanced screen showing using posters hung on their doors outside.

59. Use your website for lead generation to either a sale or a long-lasting relationship.

Other helpful advice

60. Do not be fooled by the research conducted on a small sample size about your product. The findings are not indicative of how and what the majority thinks. Take what happened to New Coke as a prime example.

61. Being a business owner is difficult, but always keep your eye on the prize and you will succeed. Let Phil Connors from the movie Groundhog Day get you refocused on what you need to do.

62. Promote green living by having your print materials printed on FSC-certified paper. Customer gravitate towards businesses that make an effort to save the environment.

63. Accommodate marketing your products to different nationalities, in particular Hispanics, in order to reach out to a larger demographic.

64 Your suggestions! I’m sure we’ve missed out on awesome tips to promote your business using print products, which is why I’m giving the floor to you to share your advice. Fire away with your tips by commenting below!

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