Stand Out With These High-Quality Custom Banners

Create Eye-Catching Designs With Easy-to-Use Online Banner Maker

Trade shows or conferences give your business an opportunity to interact with potential customers, raise brand awareness, and jumpstart profitable relationships. But to be able to take advantage of these benefits, people must first know that you’re there. This is where banners come into play. These marketing tools can make your brand stand out, which is crucial if you’re in a setting with several other businesses vying for customer attention. Banners are also portable, so transporting them and setting them up is fast and hassle-free.

If you’re looking for the best way to create your own banners, our website’s banner maker is more than up for the job. It can help you customize the specifications of your banners from size, material, coating, and more. You can also create your banner design on our website for free. With our online design tool, you can make engaging designs that showcase your brand. Add your logo, use unique shapes and patterns, and create a combination of colors that best represents your brand. Once completed and uploaded to our website, your design will be reviewed by our prepress team to correct any technical errors before printing.

How to Use Our Banner Maker in Creating Custom Banners

Here’s how to use our online banner maker for fast and hassle-free custom banner printing:

Step 1. Select the type of banner you want. We have different types of high-quality banners here at PrintRunner. Choose the banner type that works best with your purpose. We have X-stand banners, fabric and vinyl banners, pole banners, mesh banners, and more in our collection.

Step 2. Customize the specifications of your banner. The customization options available to you will depend on the banner that you selected. Most of our banners are offered in different sizes while others come in one size only. The banner type will also determine the materials available for selection. Our vinyl banners, for example, only come in standard and premium 13 oz. vinyl material.

For finishing, the options available in our banner maker are also based on the banner type. You may choose to add grommets, hem and grommets, pole pockets to your banner, or none at all. It’s important to consider where and how you are going to install your banner before choosing which finishing to get. Grommets are used to help hang the banners while pole pockets are used for rods and poles that support your banner.

Step 3. Go with bulk printing to get bigger discounts on your banners. You can order as few as one (1) banner from our website. But if you want to save more, we recommend that you order in large quantities. The more banners that you purchase, the lower you spend for each print.

Step 4. Create your own banner design. Use the online design tool on our website to create your banner design from scratch. Just click Design Your File Online to access the tool. Here you can insert images, text, shapes, lines, and other graphic elements that can make your banner stand out. Our design tool is intuitive and won’t require professional-level design skills for you to be able to create an effective banner design.

If you want to use a design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher, you can just download a blank banner template from our website. Click the Templates tab and select the file with your chosen banner size. The blank template includes trim lines, bleed mark, and safe zones, which are necessary when creating a design for your banner.

Step 5. Review your design before sending your file for custom printing. Proofread all the text on your design and look for any possible errors before you upload it on our website. Our prepress team will review your artwork, but it’s best if you can spot errors and make the necessary adjustments to eliminate the back and forth.

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