13 Eerie Examples of Friday the 13th Event Designs

Friday the 13th - Unlucky in Love

Friday the 13th  is becoming more and more of a marketing scheme. Back then, people were extra careful whenever the 13th of a month falls on a Friday. Although there is no account as to how this superstition started, the earliest mention of Friday the 13th can be traced back to 1869 in the biography of Gioachino Rossini (by Henry Sutherland Edwards) when he died at what he considered an unlucky day and number.

However, the trend has changed as Friday the 13th is no longer exclusively viewed as an ominous day. On the contrary, some businesses see this day as an opportunity to hold upcoming events for marketing purposes. Ticket printing, poster printing, club card flyers, and custom backdrops are especially popular marketing tools during these events.

Below are examples of event designs that you could adopt for your plans of making a profit this coming Friday the 13th.

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13 Examples of Friday the 13th Event Designs

Timeless Flyer

5 Monkeys and Riksha

Metal Festival

Ruta Maya

All Nighter

I Love New York

Tournee Chat

Unlucky in Love

Mitten United

Underground Cabaret

Family Ties

Crystal Lake Memories

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