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25 Cheering Photos of Smiling People

A single shot is all it takes for photographers to inspire one’s spirit. Capturing genuine emotion and immortalizing moments  in an image not only shows artistry and mastery of craft, but also celebrates the beauty in life that…

Friday the 13th - Unlucky in Love

13 Eerie Examples of Friday the 13th Event Designs

Friday the 13th  is becoming more and more of a marketing scheme. Back then, people were extra careful whenever the 13th of a month falls on a Friday. Although there is no account as to how this superstition…

No Picture

Creative Thinking Made Simple and Easy

Creative thinking is a vital characteristic for a marketing professional – great businesses last because of innovations and improvements brought about by creative minds. However, it takes a lot of practice to develop creative thinking, especially if…

Print Ad Designs

What’s Strange About These Print Ad Designs?

When it comes to criticizing print ad designs, one must consider the theoretical, conceptual, technical, and moral aspects displayed. Theoretical – This scope includes the do’s and don’ts involving the technicalities of the elements in a print…


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