Top 10 Industries That Use Carbonless Forms

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Despite living in an age where many of our receipts are sent via email or text and our customer data is uploaded to a virtual cloud, the carbonless paper crowd continues to flourish. In fact, Future Market Insight’s Carbonless Paper Market Overview reported that this humble print product is “expected to strengthen its hold and thrive in the next 10 years”. Read on to discover which industries continue using carbonless forms to conduct businesses.

1. Car Manufacturing and Maintenance

Automotive-related businesses like the local mechanic and car dealerships use carbonless forms to issue receipts, record invoices, and document sales and services rendered. Since carbonless forms come in duplicates (sometimes more) for each receipt number, customers also get a copy when they sign agreement or authorization forms.

2. Home and Corporate Facilities Maintenance

Apart from invoices and receipts, business owners use carbonless forms to list services their company provides. Home and corporate facilities maintenance companies also use carbonless forms to print contracts where they list terms and conditions of services rendered, and furnish the customers with original copies and keep the signed merchant copy for themselves.

3. Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals

Carbonless forms are typically used by hospitals and clinics when admitting patients and documenting their medical history. Health insurance companies also use carbonless forms to enrollment individuals who want to sign up for insurance programs. Carbonless forms are also useful for recording laboratory test results, treatment plans, and medications a patient is taking. Finally, clients or patients sign forms to authorize the release of their information to the healthcare professionals who’ll be assessing their results.

4. Education

With a lot of students enrolling at school and graduating every year, it can be more convenient to have them sign a form rather than doing it digitally, especially when done inside school premises where queues pile up easily. Another nifty use of carbonless forms at schools is hall passes. Having a late student sign a tardy slip is also faster as you don’t want them to delay class further.

Apart from tardy slips and hall passes, carbonless forms help school staff document clinic files, excuse letters, disciplinary forms, evaluation forms, and relevant updates teachers and administrators need to record.

5. Health, Fitness, and Wellness Centers

Fitness and wellness centers provide health-related services that typically require customers’ consent before they could process their data like personal training history and dietary programs. Using carbonless forms to lay out agreements or any waivers required for a specific service allows managers to furnish customers their personal they can use for reference back at home.

6. Clothing and Sartorial Services

Three-part carbonless or business forms are used to document clothing alterations, repairs, and other sartorial services. Smaller-sized forms can be used as claim slips, receipts, or proof you completed the job for a customer.

7. Transportation and Logistics

With trucks delivering endless cargo on a regular basis, it’s important for drivers to carry business forms they can easily fill out and have signed upon completion of their delivery. The transport and logistics business may continue to grow, but carbonless forms will remain an affordable way to update their invoicing and receipt documentation.

8. Restaurants and Retail

Small restaurants and retail shops continue to use carbonless forms in everyday transactions. While it can be easy to send a digital receipt in seconds, it’s still more convenient for the wait staff to write down orders on a carbonless pad that will duplicate the information effortlessly — one copy is for the waiter’s reference, while the other is for the kitchen.

Small retail shops maximize carbonless forms for their inventory, invoices, and receipts even as they upgrade to a digital system. Carbonless forms are an affordable data entry method even as the business growss from being a startup to an established brand with an expanding customer base.

9. Veterinary Hospital and Animal Care

Carbonless forms are used to document proof of admission in veterinary hospitals and animal clinics. Smaller clinics sometimes prefer using carbonless copies as a budget-friendly way to list and bill the health services rendered. Some vet clinics and hospitals also offer pet grooming services which is another reason to use carbonless forms for invoicing and receipts.

10. Nonprofit and Social Organizations

Nonprofit and social organizations do most of their work on the ground, and they need easy access to survey forms, donation receipts, and other documents they can easily write on. With so many transactions and information exchanged as they do their work, the carbonless forms help them secure copies of documentation for the organization, donors, and beneficiaries.

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