How to Download and Use Print Templates

Save time and easily set up print-ready files with free, ready-to-download templates.

Print Templates Make Designing Easy and Quick

Got a print project but not sure where to start? Setting up your design is easy with custom print templates. PrintRunner offers free-to-download print templates in different sizes and formats.

Whatever your print project may be, you can download starter templates in multiple formats like JPEG, PDF, and PSD that can be edited using any design application.

How can custom print templates help with your design? These templates provide print guidelines that indicate the correct bleed, trim, and safe zone of your project. Basically, these tell you where to add all the important elements of your artwork.

After designing with your template file, you can upload your design on our website and get a free file check. This lets you view a visual representation of a completed print job on a computer screen. This complimentary service allows us to check image quality, folding set up, and other technical guidelines to ensure the best quality for your print order. Proofing also lets you make any necessary changes or revisions before the order goes into final production.

How to Download and Use Free Print Templates

All our best-selling print products have available free templates. You’ll find these on the Templates tab of every product page.

Step 1. The tab will show available sizes or shapes you can download. Choose the format of the template file you intend to download. The format will depend on the software you use for designing. We offer files compatible with PDF, JPEG, Illustrator, Photoshop, Publisher, and Corel Draw.

Step 2. Once downloaded, unzip the file to open your template. Each print template indicates issues you should look out for. Here are some print terms and their definitions:

Bleed — The area that allows you to run your design at the edge of the page. This prevents white edges after your print gets trimmed.

Trim — This is where the actual cut is made.

Safe Zone — The area where all your important design elements should be placed.

Ready to get started? Before you do, here are some tips to keep in mind before uploading your design. Setting up your print files properly can help save time for our prepress time and keep your print project on schedule.
  • Keep your file size at a maximum of 100 MB.
  • Set your resolution to a minimum of 300 dpi and CMYK color space. This is the industry standard process colors used in full-color offset printing.
  • We require a .125" bleed from each side of your artwork.
  • Keep small texts at 8 pts. and thin lines at 0.5 pt. to avoid any technical issues during printing.
  • The number of pages in your pdf should match the number of pages specified in your order.
  • Make sure that your fonts are embedded to get a crisp and accurate design.


How long does it take for PDF proofs to be ready?
PDF proofs are ready within 6 hours to 24 hours after you place your order. You will receive an email notification once your proof is ready. To check the proof, just access your PrintRunner Account and approve it so we can continue processing your order. If we encounter file issues that require your attention, a representative will contact you before creating a PDF proof.

What exactly does your free file check cover?
Our prepress team will check your file for the following:
  • Accurate Bleed, Safety, and Trim Areas
  • Correct Print Quality (Print Resolution)
  • Acceptable File Format
  • Suitable Color Mode (CMYK over RGB)
  • Correct Panel Alignment (for jobs requiring folding)

Don’t forget to proofread. We only check for print-related technical issues and not grammar or design errors.

Why does my proof have marks on the corners? Will those be printed?
The lines on the corner of your PDF proof are crop marks. These show where the cutting will take place. These will not be on the finished product.

What exactly do I need to check in the proofing process?
You should check all the details and elements of your design. Aside from the bleed and trim, you should review whether the colors and text are accurate so you can make any changes before we go into final production.

How will I know when my order has shipped?
PrintRunner will send you an email with a tracking number once your order is ready for shipping. If you selected pickup, you should receive an email informing you that your order is ready.