Next-Level Promotions With These Custom Shape Stickers

Add Personality to Your Packaging With Custom Shape Labels

Take Your Brand Everywhere With Custom Shape Stickers and Labels

With custom sticker and label printing services, it’s easy to take your marketing strategy to the next level. You can create custom shape stickers and labels that you can use to boost your promotions and improve brand awareness. These print products are not only easy to make, they are also effective and affordable. Stickers and labels can make your product packaging more eye-catching. You can apply them on food containers, subscription boxes, paper bags, water bottles, and more. Stickers are also suitable as giveaways and freebies to help build customer relationships and increase brand loyalty.

How to Design Effective Custom Shape Stickers and Labels

Choosing the right specifications of your stickers and labels is one of the ways to make them stand out. But next to size, shape, material, and coating, the design of your custom shape stickers and labels is probably the most important aspect you need to focus on if you want to grab the attention of your target audience. Here are a few tips on how you can design effective stickers and labels:

Take Advantage of the Custom Shape Option
If you’re just going to go with the usual square or circle stickers and labels, then you are not taking advantage of the custom shape option. Going with an unorthodox shape can actually help your stickers and labels be more distinctive. Use your logo as a shape or use one that outlines your artwork. There are so many ways for your stickers and labels to stand out through custom shape alone.

Stick to One Idea
Given the limited space and specific application of your stickers and labels, it is not advisable to cram tons of information in the design. Sticking to one idea is always more effective. The less complicated your design is, the better since the information or message will be easier to digest.

Make the Text Readable
Typically, stickers and labels are heavy on images. But sometimes, words are more effective in conveying your message. If you are going with this route, make sure that your text is large and readable. Otherwise, you’re setting up your stickers and labels for failure.

Use Bright and Vibrant Colors
The main goal of your stickers and labels is to grab people’s attention. If you want to be successful in doing that, make sure you use bright and vibrant colors. Stickers and labels that have eye-catching colors have no problems standing out even from a distance. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to flood your sticker design with every bright color imaginable. Stick to a main color and use one or two complementary colors.

Incorporate a Call-to-Action
Specifically for promotional stickers and labels, inserting call-to-actions to your sticker design will help your target audience know what specific action to take. Do you want them to follow your brand on social media or sign up for your newsletter? CTAs can also come in other forms, not just text. A QR code printed on a sticker, for example, basically tells people to scan the code.

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