Party Invitations

Print custom invitations today. It’s time to party!

Add some character and personality to the party by creating your own invitations using this handy guide.
Print custom invitations today. It’s time to party!

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Party Invitations

Party invitations are one aspect of any celebration that can make your special day a big success. But that doesn’t mean that creating your own party invitations can’t also be fun. Here are some nifty ideas to make an effective party invitation the hassle-free way:

1. Decide on your theme

The style of your invitation affects the overall appearance of your card, including the color schemes, illustrations, and fonts to use. Stick to your theme by using an established color palette, fonts, graphics, images, and layout throughout all designs.

2. Get your 5 W’s sorted

You can start by listing all the information you need to include in your party invitation wording. This means you need to answer the Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Don’t forget to add additional details in your wording such as special instructions, directions to the venue, dress code, RSVP instructions and deadlines, etc.

3. Choose your stock

Party invitations for weddings and other formal events need more than your usual paper stock. Here’s a guide so you can get acquainted with our premium stocks:

  • 14 pt. and 16 pt. glossy cardstock: This stock features a reflective coating that creates vibrant prints.
  • 14 pt. high gloss UV cardstock: The mirror-like coating of this material produces the highest vibrant effect.
  • 14 pt. and 16 pt. matte cardstock: A matte-finish cardstock presents a subtle, sophisticated look.
  • 13 pt. 100% recycled matte cardstock: This eco-friendly option is made of 100% post-consumer material that offers a non-reflective elegant finish.
  • 14 pt. uncoated cardstock: Prints on this stock may look less saturated, but is ideal for writing applications.

4. Create party invitations with the most impact

Pick your size. The size of your card is dependent on the type of event it is for, and the context.

Use a custom invitation design template. A template is especially helpful when you are not used to designing invitations or when you are in a rush.

Pick a font for the most impact. Different fonts suggest different emotions and moods. Script fonts exudes elegance while sans serif are great for a more casual tone.  Pick a font size and style that is easy to read and contrasts well with the background.

Avoid overcrowding elements. Negative space also plays a big impact in your design. Leave blank spaces between images or text so all elements of the invitation can be clearly seen.

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"I ordered 50 custom wedding invitations and Save the dates, they turned out amazing!!! The quality and coloring were perfect!!! I'm so happy and cant wait to send them out!"

  "I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful job you did. These are so beautiful and I can’t wait to send them to my guest. The quality and price was amazing. I will definitely be back again!"