Bright and Bold Metallic Rack Cards That Demand Attention

Print metallic rack cards that provide customers all the essential information on your hotel, spa services, or election campaign. Display them in high-traffic areas so individuals are compelled to check out your business.

Give Customers a Shiny Part of Your Brand

Metallic printing adds a layer of silver foil on a variety of colors, giving it a glimmering accent under the light.

  • Foil-like effect on one or both sides
  • 4” x 9” rack card printed on thick and sturdy 16 pt. cardstock
  • Complement the festive shine with an elegant, uncoated surface
  • Or add some extra shine with a high gloss UV finish

We also offer spot UV printing on both sides of the metallic rack cards. This feature adds texture to your surface, highlighting specific details or areas in the entire design.

Print metallic rack cards to distribute within and near your key locations. Upload a design or download a template to get started. Select our free PDF proof option to check on the design before printing.

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Create a Compelling & Informative Marketing Tool

It only takes a few minutes to catch a customer’s attention. Here’s how you can sustain their interest with a customized rack card:

  • Give customers what they’re looking for. People refer to rack cards for products, services, or information they’re after. These details should instantly be seen and listed in an organized manner.
  • Focus on your business’ benefits and advantages. Show and/or tell customers why your product is the one to choose. Use specific, concrete imagery in both words and images.
  • Combine cohesive elements. Make sure all the design elements work with one another to be easy on the eyes. Use complementary colors and choose finishes that will bring out the appeal of your design.

The Materials Behind the Metal

Metallic rack cards are printed on 16 pt. cardstock:

  • Our thickest, most durable material
  • About 50% of a standard credit card’s weight
  • Comes in an uncoated or high gloss UV surface

To set up your file for metallic printing, follow these important steps:

  • Use only San Serif fonts at 12 pt. or larger.
  • The metallic mask and CMYK print file should align properly.
  • Avoid using dark colors. The metallic effect shows up more with lighter colors.
  • The metallic foil should be a separate layer on your file. Download our free file setup template for more information.
  • Use at least 15%K in the white area if you would like to create high-quality plain silver foil.

If you need help setting up your file, call our customer service at 888-296-5760 and ask about our design services.


Spot UV

Spot UV
You can add high gloss UV to select areas in the design. If your artwork has both Spot UV and Foil, please leave a 1/16" gap in between. They cannot overlap.

Download Blank Metallic Rack Card Templates

Set up your print file with correct trim and folding lines by downloading a blank template for your preferred design software.

Final Dimensions
4" x 9"
4" x 9" Metallic Rack Cards