Promote and Inform With Custom Posters

Custom Poster Printing Made Easy With Our Online Poster Maker

Gone are the days when you need a professional graphic designer to create effective custom posters for your business. With PrintRunner’s easy-to-use poster maker, even people with no design experience can easily make eye-catching posters that can boost any promotion.

Here’s how you can use our online poster maker in customizing your posters:

Pick a size. Size matters when it comes to posters especially if you want to catch more attention and reach more people. Our posters come in a wide variety of sizes including the most popular poster sizes such as 18” x 24”, 24” x 36”, and 27” x 40”.

Choose your material. Our posters are available in various high-quality materials including HP photo paper, premium cardstock, white PVC board, and adhesive fabric. These materials are suitable for custom printing both small and large-format posters. Photo paper and cardstock materials are pre-coated with gloss, matte, or high-gloss finishes for a smooth and flat surface. Semi-gloss option is also available for our photo paper in large format posters and uncoated cardstock for our bulk posters.

Decide on the quantity of your order. You can order as few as one (1) poster in our online poster maker and as many as 50 posters. If you want to save more, we recommend bulk printing your custom posters. The larger the quantity of your order, the less you spend on each poster.

Select a turnaround time. The standard turnaround time for our custom posters depends on the quantity of your order, but it’s typically anywhere between one (1) to three (3) business days. For posters with a standard printing time of three (3) business days, there are options to expedite the production the next business day or to two (2) business days for an extra charge.

Design online or upload. Make your own poster design using our intuitive online design tool. Use the various options such as add images, text, lines, and shapes to create an attention-grabbing poster. For print-ready artwork, upload it on our website and request for a free PDF proof to see how your poster will turn out.

Improve Your Poster Making With These Basic Design Tips

Make It Readable

Use our online poster maker to make your poster readable even from a distance. The headline should be bold and in large a font to grab attention. The primary message and important information of your poster can be in a smaller font than the headline. However, they still need to be visible enough to be read from a short distance.

Create Contrast on Your Design

There are several ways to create contrast in your poster design. It can be through the use of dark and light colors, proximity and separation, font combination, position of graphic elements, and more. The idea is to let your audience see things more clearly, so the main message of your poster can be easily digested.

Extra Spacing for Better Impact

Leaving more space between text, images, and other elements can do wonders to your poster design. Since most people will see your poster from a distance, the extra spacing can greatly boost its visual impact and readability.

Use Unique Typography

A big part of your poster design will revolve around text. You need to get your message across and provide important details to your audience, after all. But instead of using the same boring font that everyone uses, you can make your poster stand out with unique typography. It’s actually possible to create an effective poster design using only text and colors. Different typefaces can also add playfulness or elegance to your poster.

Never Forget to Add a Call-to-Action

It’s easy to get caught up in making your poster design as eye-catching as possible. But you should always remember that your posters are marketing tools used for conveying your message to your customers and compelling them to take a specific action. Adding a call-to-action to your posters can help you achieve a goal whether it’s to drive more foot traffic to your store, get more signups to your events, or simply increase your sales.

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